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Full text of "Wilmington High School Senior Class Yearbook"

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and Key 

^. ^. Dtcer 







CLUBS 129 














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/ V 














There is a queen in China, or maybe it's in Spain, 

And birthdays and holidays such praises can be heard 

Of her unblemished lineaments, a whiteness with no stain, 

That she might be that sprightly girl trodden by a bird; 

And there's a score of duchesses, surpassing womankind, 

Or who have found a painter to make them so for pay 

And smooth out stain and blemish with the elegance of his mind: 

I knew a phoenix in my youth, so let them have their day. 

There'll be that crowd, that barbarous crowd, through all the centuries, 

And who can say but some young belle may walk and talk men wild 

Who is my beauty's equal, though that my heart denies, 

But not the exact likeness, the simplicity of a child, 

And that proud look as though she had gazed into the burning sun, 

And all the shapely body no tittle gone astray. 

I mourn for that most lonely thing; and yet God's will be done: 

I knew a phoenix in my youth, so let them have their day. 

— W. B. Yeats 
from "His Phoenix' 



Mrs Patricia Gearry, Secretary 

Mrs. Lorraine Clark, Secretary 

Mrs. M. Danielle, Secretary 



t tx ^r ^.z v 




Eileen Harvey 

Frances Quinn 

Anna Simmons 


Paul LaVecchio 

w ^ ' V 

^^^^^^ y ~ ^^^Bt^r^^p 

LA ' * 15 

Mary Thiel 

Richard DuLong 


Joseph KJeponis 

Doris Small 



Sylvia Milanese 

Daniel Grecoe 

Mathew Joyce 


F" «flp^^ 

X V J 

Joyce Aldrich 

Mary Jane Fernino 

Richard Cain 




Anne St. Onge 

Diane Keating 




M^ .Jl vSB^ 

1 "" ' J jB^''; 


I ^ 

I ^ - 

Don Hawes 

Michael Nee 

Al Hambelton 

Beverly Shea 



f !• 




James Krupa 







Jean Pederson 

Richard DeRosa 






John Hartnett 

John Krey 

Mr. Bailey 


■ «»/* 



Carl Olsson 

Leslie Basmajian 

Robert Cripps 

Larry Maggio 

Linda Hayes 

Gino DiSarcina 




William Peabody 

Mrs. Backman, Photocopy 

Mrs. Souza, Secretary 


Foster Balser, Patron 

Joyce Trinchera, Matron 



Teacher of 
the Year 



The class of 19 >roud to announce the selection of 

Mr. Richard Scant "Teacher of the Year" This is 

always a very diffic ice, because while there are 

many teachers who s In our memory as being 

good at one thing 01 he "Teacher of the Year" 

award must go to that pe s memorable for all of 

the above, or in some cases, he above. 

Although Mr. Scanlon ah*. >es across as an in- 

terested, caring person who ger likes his students, 

and as a hardworking, fun-loving c i who understands 
the importance of athletics in the school experience, those 
were not the reasons he was chosen for this award. His 
students like coming to his classes: it's never a period in 
the day to be dreaded, avoided, or cut; it's never dull, 
repetitious, or humiliating. 

Mr. Scanlon has been a guide in the learning process, a 
fellow traveler down the long road to better understanding 
ourselves and the world around us, and we have ap- 
preciated his company. 



Mr. Scanlon's Poem 

For your knowledgeable teaching in your psychology classes 
For your help in showing soccer players those clever little passes 
For your friendliness in the halls that makes the day go by 
And your pushing us to the limit to help us reach the sky 
For your soccer and baseball years and years of coachin' 
And for yelling at your players to somehow "have a notion" 
For Mary and Alice and throwing people out of class 
And for your tough courses where we have to work so hard to pass 
For your famous spiked hair with which you set a trend 
And your reputation for being one on whom we students can depend 
You're known by all your students affectionately as Dick 
And that's why you're this year's Teacher of the Year Pick 
We know you've won this award many times before 
And we know you'll beat Ms. Basmajian for it many times more 
You're a special teacher in the hearts of all you've taught 
And this will not be forgotten when we go to give college a shot 
This has summed up four years that have gone by so fast 
For your dedication, support and kindness, Thank you, Dick, at last. 

— Mike Lombard 



.. BMKI H fr<v I .Vi' 





May we have the next contestant A 

Supreme Court nominee Judge Robert 
Bork fails congressional confirmation 
because of his controversial record. 
The president's second nominee, 
judge Douglas Ginsberg admits to 
past marijuana use and withdraws his 
nomination. Judge Anthony Kennedy, 
the third nominee, finally won 

... •* 




Athletes compete in Canada and A 

Having won few medals at the 
Winter Olym February in 

Calgary, Can; . Olympic 

team looks forward ter success 

when the Summer C oen in 

Seoul, Koiea. 

um mmm ibig 

Willie Smith 39 — fashion designer 
Robert Preston 68 — actor 
Andres Segovia 94 — classical guitarist 
Jackie Gleason 71 — comedian 
[ohn Huston HI — director/actor 
Danny Kaye 74 — comedian 
Geraldine Page 62 — actr 

Ray Bolger 83 — actor 

Harold Washington 65 — mayor 

Fred Astaire 88 — actor/dancer 

Lee Marvin 63 — actor 

Bob Fosse 60 — choreographer 

Lome Green 72 — actor 

Andy Gibb 30 — singer 

acid-washed jeans Yuffies (young urban failur 

disposable cameras Donald Trump 

Spuds MacKenzie couch potatoes 

thirtysomething CD players 

snowboarding PICTIONARY'" 

superconductors Glasnost 


^ fall from grace . . . 

"V evangelist, Rev. jimmy Swaggart, 
s banned from the pulpit by church 
fficials. In February Swaggart 
onfessed to "moral failure" and 
■ublicly apologized to his 
ongregation . However, Swaggart 
efied the church ruling by 
nnouncing his May 22 return to the 
•ulpit ^ 

'anama in the red k 
jen. Manuel Noriega holds onto 
lower despite U.S. economic 
anctions aimed to oust the 
'anamanian leader. Noriega was 
"idicted by a federal grand jury on 
harges of drug trafficking in 




Panic in Arcadia k 

SEP 11: The Ray family of Arcadia, 
FL, whose three boys suffer from the 
AIDS virus, leave town after their 
home burned down, presumably by 
arson. They later settled in 
Sarasota, FL where that community 
offered its sympathetic support. 

The Iran-contra Affair: Final 

NOV 18: After months of testimony, 
the Congressional Iran-contra 
Committee concludes the ultimate 
responsibility for the affair rests with 
the president, even if he did not know 
what was happening. J 

And in sports . . . 

The Washington Redskins celebrate 
their 42-10 Super Bowl rout of the 
Denver Broncos. Minnesota took the 
World Series in seven games against 
St. Louis, y 

- «*■ 




Presidential showdown 

Vice President George Bush appears 
certain as the Republican nominee 
for the presidency, while Gov. 
Michael Dukakis holds a 
commanding lead over Democrats 
Jesse Jackson and Albert Gore. ^ 


■ I 




of 1 987 



1 . Beverly Hills Cop II 

2. Platoon 

3. Fatal Attraction 

4. Three Men and a Baby 

5. The Untouchables 

6. The Witches of Eastwick 

7. Predator 

8. Dragnet 

9. The Secret of My Success 
10. Lethal Weapon 

^^Pl *T^I^ 1. Slippery When Wet — Bon Jovi 
iBfil ■ "fJ 2. Graceland — Paul Simon 
1 iw -^ 3. Licensed to 01 — Beastie Boys 

4m&^ I II 4. The Way It Is — Bruce Homsby 

and the Range 

5. Control — Janet Jackson 

6. The Joshua Tree — U2 

7. Fore! — Huey Lewis and the News 

8. Night Songs — Cinderella 

9. Rapture — - Anita Baker 
10. Invisible Touch — Genesis 



1 987 

r:, "> 





■H S 








a p ■ ■ 


* -"^j? 

^ / 

•'-• ■ 








Football. 1st Row L to R: Bob An- 
derson, Butch McGovern, Dave Gidari, 
Sean Costello, Tim Fay, Chris Allen. 
2nd Row: C. J. Barber, Dan Woods, 
Pat Nally, Don Sullivan, Dan Cadigan, 
Dave Feyler. 

The Wilmington Wildcats 
wrapped up a wild and wooley 
year on the gridiron. One of the 
team's outstanding memories of 
the season was the Central 
Catholic contest. Central had 
100 kids out for football this 
season, and the Wildcats still 
trounced them 14 to 6! We'll 
never forget the dynamite de- 
fense of Dickie Hersom with 
lots of hitting and lots of heart. 







m : 

^•tfW* 5 

As a squad, the Wildcats never gave up, never 
failed to give less than their all and won a 
reputation as being a good hard hitting team. 
The big game of the season, Thanksgiving, 
could have gone either way. The teams were 
pretty evenly matched. Fate decreed that luck 
went with Tewksbury. Weather was a big factor 
that day — torrential rain, slippery balk, slick 
footing and muddy moves all added to the 
team's woes. 

Hats off to the seniors, who stuck with the 
program through two tough years. Pat Nally 
will be adding his skills to the team at Westfield 
State College. Dan Woods is learning toward 
Springfield. We know that they'll bring to their 
new schools the qualities of teamwork and 
sportsmanship which made the Wildcats such a 
dose knit squad of close friends. Many thanks to 
our dedicated coaching staff who made such a 
difference in our lives. We'll never forget them 
or the Fall of '87. 

Boys Cross Country 

ss Country Team. 1st Row L to R: Tim Kumm, Capt. Paul DeFronzo, Capt. Paul Maiella, Steve Spinelli, John Carter. 2nd Row: Ron 
cNeil, Mike Lombard, Joe Linnehan, Donny Robbins. 3rd Row: Coach Frank Kelley, Larry Flynn, Chris Flores, Tom Murray, Coach 
3 Cripps. 







Girls Cross Country 

L to R: Coach Kelley, Jill Surprenant, Kristen Palm, Captain Winnie Corsaro, Anna Zukas, Amy Josephson, Susan Sweet. 
Missing from picture: Mary Fisher, Lori Mazzoni, Betsy Tate. 


..« T 

Front Row L to R: Chris Pozzi, Charlie Protopapas, Bob Corrieri, Paul Burke, Joe McMennimen, Mike Connell, Peter Torell, Joe 
Magliozzi, Daryl Whittemore, Jon Oliver, Tony DeSantis. 2nd Row: Tim Penney, Steve Cutone, Andy Parr, Brian Gillespie, 
Anthony Barletta. 

■ -i.%^ 

* **%' 



»♦, * 

V ■ 


• 9 


-> ft ' i 

B?T .* ^« 

>• ?v 


* j rl 




■i ■■■■■ 





1st Row L to R: Tammy Russo, Lauren Scalese, Beth Sheehan, Terry Murray, Missy Jamerson, Kristen Catanzano. 2nd Row L to R: Suzy Walsh, Kristen Southmayd, Christine Bonarrigo, 
Barbara Langone, Karen Lynch, Danielle Fay, Debbie Dellascio. 3rd Row: Coach — Mr. Steve Mader, Ellen DeMarco, Sarah Soule, Debbie Topping, Andrea Dicey, Margie Rega, Erin 
McKenna, Ginny Cosgrove, Andrea Dileo, Krista PagUarulo, Cara Scalese, Coach — Ms. Sue Hendee. 











1st Row L to R: Kim Tolini, Melissa Mullen, Cathy Nestico, Deanna Erwin, Laurie Rowe, Cindy Ring, Coach Anderson. 2nd Row L to R: Melissa Peters- 
Denise Cosgrove, Jen O'Donnell, Kellie Sullivan, Brenda Jones. 







* ? 


■ V 



' . * 

• '.:>.: 







ft. & 

.^L^ -<?> *«. 

•■ Tj* SF. i 


'■■» >,^ 

1 *!*• 

| ( jgP s\ 


y ' 

^ f 


N*« ' 

^^ 1 1 

1 j 

. * a ! .41 

1 r' *- 

^^ * ' -« ^^^m 









MARCH 17, 18 


Top: Mrs. Alice Bertini and Mrs. Norma Rushton, R.N. 

Health Fair coordinators. 

Below: Jen Ryan with the "WAVE" 

Bottom: Bob Corrieri 

The Wilmington High School Gym was transformed into a series 
of pathways to be followed along the "road to a healthy heart." The 
entire Wilmington School System, elementary through High 
School, participated in the fair. Elementary students manned 
booths, made posters and exhibits that promoted good health, 
nutrition and exercise. The high school sponsored an electro- 
cardiogram, computerized nutrition and scale models of the cir- 
culatory system. 

Many local groups like The Samaritans, The Arthritis Foundation, 
The American Cancer Society, Alcoholics Anonymous and Seat Belt 
Safety had demonstrations and information booths. Free blood 
pressure screening was available as well as cholesterol testing. 
Teachers, students and the community all collaborated to make 
Wilmington a more health conscious town. 




kr* ; I ' 











.* » 


: <>i 



The wind sits in the shoulder of your sail, 

And you are stayed for. There — my blessing with thee, 

And these few precepts in thy memory 

Look thou character. Give thy thoughts no tongue, 

Nor any unproportioned thought his act. 

Be thou familiar, but by no means vulgar. 

Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, 

Grapple them unto thy soul with hoops of steel, 

But do not dull thy palm with entertainment 

Of each new-hatched, unfledged courage. Beware 

Of entrance to a quarrel; but being in, 

Bear't that th' opposed may beware of thee. 

Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice; 

Take each man's censure, but reserve thy judgment. 

Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy, 

But not expressed in fancy; rich, not gaudy, 

For the apparel oft proclaims the man, 

And they in France of the best rank and station 

Are of a most select and generous, chief in that. 

Neither a borrower nor a lender be, 

For loan oft loses both itself and friend, 

And borrowing dulleth edge of husbandry. 

This above all, to thine own self be true, 

And it must follow, as the night the day, 

Thou canst not then be false to any man. 

Farewell. My blessing season this ir thee! 







,V ' . . 

Top Row: Mr. Orndorf, Jonathan Ol- 
iver, Donny Robins, Jamie Robichaud, 
Andy Parr, Doug Michaud, Pat Naily. 
Bottom: Pete Torrell, Tom Moran, 
Mike Lombard, Danny Woods, Joe 
McMenimen, Tony DeSantis. 

Teammates recall the game against 
Lowell as the most memorable in 
the season. Lowell had an expe- 
rienced, winning team who went to 
the States semi-finals, and the odds 
makers weren't favoring the Wild- 
cats. In a stunning upset, we beat 
them by seven points. That game 
also marked the first time all five 
WHS players scored in double fig- 
ures. Tom Moran lent excitement 
to the Haverhill game by winning 
with a three pointer at the buzzer! 
Mike Lombard scored his 1,000th 
point in the Chelmsford game, be- 
ing only the second player in WHS 
history to achieve that feat. The 
first record was set in 1955, and 
trivia buffs can guess the record 
holder. Tewksbury is still reeling 
from the defeat which knocked 
them out of first place and kept 
them from winning their division. 
Mike Lombard and Jaimey 
Robichaud made All Star, Mike's 
strengths being rebounding and 
scoring and Jaimey's offensive scor- 
ing. Mike Lombard went on to the 
All Conference. Mike is looking for- 
ward to playing for Dartmouth or 
U.N.H. next year. Summing up 
the best aspect of the season, the 
team unanimously voted for Ca- 
maraderie. They also voted to wipe 
out all memory of the Christmas 
Tournament Fiasco. No mention 
will be made of the loss by one 
point at the buzzer. Many thanks to 
Coaches Dave Orndorff and Larry 





i«* '.0.' 


1987-88 Basketball Team. 1st Row, L to R: Kristen Peters, Amy La Vina, Amy Caruso, Amy Hamilton, Danielle Fay. 2nd ' 
Row: Coach Thibeault, Gina Martiniello, Ann Marie Anderson, Kristen Cavanaugh, Jen O'Donnell, Brenda Jones, Maureen 
Robinson, Cindy Elliot. 


> ■ 


This year's Wildcats finished off a 

strong season with a 10-7-3 

record, 7-5-3 in the M.V.C. This 

fine year led to a berth in the state 

tourney where we finally bowed to 

Arlington Catholic. This was 

Wilmington's first tournament 

game in three years alter not 

qualifying for the past two years. 

Results came from the strong 
performances of the Wildcats six 

seniors: Tim Moran (Capt.), 
Dennis Topping (Capt.), and Jim 
Murray (Ass't. Capt.), followed by 
Scott McMillan, Joe Magliozzi, 
and Mario Martinello. Much of 
the year's success was due to 
Coach Cullen who pushed hard all 
year long, and refused to let the 
team give up. Much help also 
came from the assistant 
coaches Steve Scanlon and 
Bob Cunio. 

The most memorable game 
of the year was the second 
game against Tewksbury. 
They were #2 in the state 

and Wilmington tied them. 

Other memories were singing 
Christmas Carols and the 
"Flintstones" on the bus, 

and our outstanding 
M.V.P.'s: Dennis Topping 
who was quick and always 
got goals when we needed 
them, Steven Murray who 
gave a solid steady 

performance all year and Jim 

Murray who persevered 

despite a badly wrenched 

shoulder during the season. 

The only blot on the team's 

season was the lack of 

support for the team which 

enjoyed no rally no bus for 

the fans, no che : aders or 

publicity. Why??? 

Hockey Team. 1st Row L to R: Joe Viera, Mario Martinello, Capt. Tom Moran, Ass't Capt. Jim Murray, Capt. Dennis Topping, Scott MacMillan, Joe 
Magliosi, Chris Cullen (water boy). 2nd Row L to R: Ass't Coach Bob Cunio, Ass't Coach Steve Scanlon, Mike Carlson, Mike Dunn, Chris MacMillan, John 
McGrath, Steve Holbrook, Mike Smith, Mike Mercuri, Coach Cullen. 3rd Row: David Murray, Jay Pilcher, Dennis O'Donahue, Chris Ward, Matt Lopez, 
Eric Pote, Steven Michael Murray, Frank Murray. 





^ *S fc 


The 1987-88 Varsity Wrestling Team 
Members were: Mike Connell, Matt Dalke, 
James Sarasin, Don Sullivan, Kevin 
Brennan, Allan Tate, Jeff MacDonald, Tim 
Penney, Chris Allen, Roger Trow, Dave 
Gidari, R. J. Pozzi, Dave Feyler and Crias 
Corrigan. Captains were Don Sullivan and 
Allan Tate. J.V. Team members included 
Brian Murray. Chad Halliday, Steve 
Shepardson, and Frankie MacDonald. The 
J.V. Team was a very competitive force all 








Wilmington igh School's wrestlers enjoyed an out- 
standing seas Even though the team record was only 
5-15-1, individ s performed extremely well. All of 
the following qualified for the State Tournament: Don 
Sullivan 17-4, 4th in MVC Section: Kevin Brennan 
17-3-1, 2nd in Section; Allan Tate 7-5, 4th in MVC 
5th Section: Dave Gidari 15-5, 4th in MVC 4th 
Section. Outstanding Performance goes to Don Sul- 
livan who pinned the #1 seeded wrestler of the State 
Tournament in 3 1 seconds. Most Memorable was the 
North Reading meet. This was the first team victory of 
the season. The Wildcats won the next to last match, 
giving them a close 42-36 victory. 



1987-88 Track Team. 1st Row, Left to Right: John Carter, Joe 
Linnehan, Paul DeFronzo, Kevin Cripanuk, Paul Maiella, Dave 
Patterson, Ron MacNeil. 2nd Row, L to R: Man Ouellette, 
Brian Gillespie, Larry Flynn, Chris Flores, Tom Murray, Coach 
Frank Kelley. 3rd Row: Patrick Rogers, Stephen Pepe, David 
MacMullen, Richard Whitney, Adrien Griese. 

The 1987-88 season was one of the most exciting 
in the annals of track at W.H.S. A never to be 
forgotten day was the meet with Tewksbury. Even 
optimistic Coach Kelley had litde to say about the 
team's chances for success. It turned out that it was 
just one of those days when it all came together. 
The Wildcats blew them away with solid, steady 
performances by each runner on the team. Con- 
versely, a sad, unexpected turn of events was the 
Chelmsford cancellation due to a death on the 
team. During a practice run, John Carson, a 
Chelmsford runner, was hit by a train and killed in 
front of his teammates. Superstars for the year 
included Kevin Cripanuk who qualified for the 
Easterns at Princeton and on to the Nationals at 
Yale. Kevin's forte is high hurdles. Sue McFadyn 
went to All State in the 300. John Carter came a 
long way from his 7:30 mile of sophomore year to 
his 4:55 time senior year. Paul DeFronzo logged 
the most number of accidents in a four year career, 
with two broken legs and two sprained ankles, all 
under "freak" circumstances. Sarah Soule, fresh- 
man with a handle, was outstanding in the 300, 
garnering the fastest time in the league. The track 
team looks like there's a great future ahead. 


Track Team. 1st Row L to R: Sarah Souk, Wendy Shelley, 
Winnie Carsaro, Susan McFadyn, Nicole Husen, Coach Carl 
Dimaiti. 2nd Row: Denise Curran, Sherry Matulewicz, 
Stephanie Carter, Jill Martyn, Bonnie Trout, Kristen Palm, 
Jill Suprenant. 3rd Row: Stacy Maglio, Mary Fisher, Kristin 
Deming, Jackie Lutz, Anna Zukas, Amy Josephson, Susan 
Sweet, Ann-Marie Walsh. 

1988 Girls Gymnastic Team. 
Front: Captains Deanna Poliz- 
zotti and Alicia Cuoco. Back, L 
to R: Susan McNamara, Kris- 
tina Przyjemski, Jodi Demos, 
Melissa Peters, Donna Mickle, 
Tracy Greer, Maura Tully and 
Golleen Dunham. 


* *~ 






All of the members of the 1987-88 
Girls Gymnastics Team agreed 
that this was one of the most suc- 
cessful seasons the sport has ever 
enjoyed at W.H.S. Co-captains 
Deanna Polizzotti and Alicia 
Cuouco set the tone for the year. 
Everyone enjoyed the competition 
and working together. The high- 
light of the season was coming in 
third in the M.V.C. Competition 
and making it all the way to Sec- 
tionals. Tracy Greer made it to the 
States on Balance Beam and won 
an M.V.C. trophy. The team was 
coached by the talented Karen 



















Cheering Squad. 1st Row L to R: Amy Labossiere, Capt. Christine Smith, Capt. Michelle Scott, Jennifer Cuoco. 2nd Row: Nicole Zarella, Kara 
Swazey, Jennifer Bissett, Kristen Southmayd, Karen Cutone. 3rd Row: Coach Mrs. Cosman, Dianne Sullivan, Michelle Eddy, Jean MacKinnon, 
Michelle Deveau, Jennifer Hayden. 


■ ■ 



^m m 




r s» * 







liif ' ^^l 


"J J fcsf 





-\,: 4.*]. ■ 
I ■ I 





F^ ll 





1] fl 



1§ ! H 



■L '- ^H 

*>l v^tC^^^^H 



w^ . « 

j ^H 


' i IB 

/ ■ JO K ^^L* 



■ 9 B^w 

wr 1 


\ vk 

Ik ^ 1 


I^K\I\ kw 

mil it 




■ I ■ ■ 


-iW^rfi,',- V, 



iWtfttJmTii^fflr^rfrffiiiirr -wiiPTfrtittr 

TWIWBW-.l III ij|l*lji;i» ■Ll."» l .llN^ | H-..iLJJliH»-i »4Ji! 

..■ ■... .■■ ^ w . . .i | . ,^M B LqM t n^ ' ■ M..m»j.jnmiu i w- ijijjj, mmmni * ^ ctw mwuwi mm y^wwepgasw 

^r.^-..,. ^j,.,,. . ., ...,_. — w.,..,,.^.. ■■..... .^-,...^.. — -^..^.-W,:.^. 


^^^^ i l^PPPPgPPP ip iM^W kj iiii jJttW| l , i .J,M,.,j > ..«^iJW.M,J ii n. 

ft ■nh»i* 1 m mttiiiT A#^rtriftT^i 

- ■ '- -^ I - . 


Troy Daniel Adams 
"Big Hands" 
ACTIVITIES: Skiing, Fast Cars, Drinking 

FRIENDS: Karhy, Stephen. C: J: KS Brian, Bob, 86, Kiss 
Concert 87, Whitesnake, Motley Crue, good times in 76 
Camaro, SC. IN. D Town. L. 88, Friend past away, KW, 
Homework, ISS, Mr. Woods 87, Longer School year, 
FUTURE: To go to ITT. become Auto mechanic, or State 
Trooper and buy 9 1 Corvette and 86 SR5 4x4 Toyota and make 
a lot of money and party it up for a while. Get wild at Salisbury. 

Robin Allaby 
REMEMBER: Family, Sean, Beth, Laurie, Terri, Darl, Denise, 
Tim, Paul, Raz, Annette, Danny's Wknd, Fran, Pete, 88 Day, 
Missle Sites, The deegans, Darle in NH, Scon W, DG, MC, 
Garage, Set Me Free, Buckiebrush, 7-27-85 Cindy, Kristen, BT, 
AB, Summer of 87, Boston, Macs Parties, Good Times With 
Sean And Friends, Cheering, 3-8-87, Senior Prom. 
FORGET: Liars, Jackie Alpers, Fighting, Cheating, Jr Prom 
Summer of 86, Kes, 7-4-87 Wknd, Almost K-Napped, AC, G- 
Table, Tattoo Party. 

Cbris G. Allan 
"Crystal Ball" 
ACTIVITIES: Football 4, Wrestling 1-4, BasebaM 1-4 

REMEMBER: Family, Friends, Kirby, Skip, Mic, Storm, 
Lomby. Dan, Pat, T.D., Fay, Mr. Nee, TM2, Mr. D, The As 
Boys, Parties, Weekend at Yale, Football #15, Van of Love, 
Mailboxes, 4th, Jr. Prom, spic I, Krupa Dupa, Central, Cape 
Cod, Beach Day, Waukuta, Pooling, BC Weekend, Anything I 

FORGET: Family fights, W.H.S, Losing, Spinning, Hillview, 
Andover morning practices. States? Calculus, Flat Tire, Cutting 
Weight, 10 sec B.B, Cabin 5, Whistle, Being Called Definition. 

Robert Anderson 
ACTIV1TIF. i. Football, Foreign Language Club 

FRIENDS Bnan. Bob, Jeff, Dave, Steve, Kevin, John, 

Chris, Kelly, S Paul. 

REMEMBER David and Irene, Aug. 87, 

Football, C.cntr — Mr. Kelly, Hampton. Mt 


FORGET: The brut fockey Stick, Wakuta, 

Morning Practice, Thi 

FUTURE: To Be Happ and be rich. 


Gary M. Blonigen 
"Blony, Crash" 
ACTIVITIES: Soccer I, J. A., D&D Club, D&H, Antarctica, 

REMEMBER: Family, Friends, SW, RR, DL, DF, MP, TK, 
TP, KB. JS, MO, SM, DS, DC, MG, LR. LC, LB, TC, D&H 
camp w/the boys, 4x4 w/KAsh, West Field (Simon Sinister), 
Black-Trax SW TK + SW Rich's parties, Skip days w/SW + 
DL, DIO, OZZY, ETC., Summer 87, cool waves and a tasty 

FORGET: 85 r ? of class 88 (BRADY), ISS, DTN, WPD, 
(parking lots, 129), Block-Buster, '"MACK TRUCKS. 
FAVORITE SONG: Flyin High Again. 
HEROES: Mad Max, Jeff Spicolli. Randy Rhodes, Palmy (ha, 
ha). Who's Got the P.r 1 
FUTURE: Go to College and Make $. 

Charles J. Barber 

"C.J., Sergio" 
ACTIVITIES: Football 1-3, Captain 4 
REMEMBER: Family, Sue, 1/27/88 

FRIENDS: Anthony, Caddy, Chris, Todd, Maria, Jeanne, Pat, 
Woodsie, Fay, 74 Monies, Big tower w/Sully, Budwieser, 
Parking lot parties, Burkes Parties, Partying behind the lake, 
Concerts, Whitesnake, Gbwa, Central 87, horror, Hampton, 
Wakuta, Weasle, Tewksbury parties, Billerica 87 
FORGET: JBCR??, Officer Miller, Myself at times, Thanks- 
giving 86, Chases, Fessenden, Halloween 87, my grades^ 
FUTURE: Happiness and luxury 

Elizabeth A. Bartnick 


REMEMBER: Family, Laurie, Terrie, Darlene, Lisa, Robin, 
Denise, AC, DC, TF, KB, MM, TH, PN, Camping at DP's, 
working at B I, and all the people 1 work with, HEAVEN 87, 
Florida with Laurie and Terri, 87, Reckless, Terrie, The tree and 
Trash Man, and All the Good Times With my Friends. 

FORGET: HEAVEN, 12/5/87, Hampton, Being Sick on The 
beach, FK, 1 1/16/84, Fights with Friends and Family. 

FUTURE: To Go To College and to be Happy and Wealthy. 

Lorrie Berger 

ACTIVITIES: Freshman Basketball, Varsity Tennis 4, DECA 
DC, TO, LN, CS, CR, RT, MMC, Analysis, DECA Com- 
petition, basketball games, Hampton, Sharron, Work, Ava, 
FLF, JC's Car, Tennis at Lawerence. 

FORGET: Skiing, European History, CB, Applications for 
College, Practice, Finals, Deadlines, SAT, BB. 

FAVORITE SAYING: "What'd you say?" 

FUTURE: To become a rich, successful lawyer and live in 

Craig Bostvortb 

ACTIVITIES: Spring Track "85," Skiing, Work 
FRIENDS: Paul, Pete, Dewey, Scott, Dave, Rob, Johnny, 
Roger, Steve, Sharron, Adam, TS 

REMEMBER: Cathy, JG, KB, JS, JW, Firsr times, proms, 
Day after proms, Ski trips, Sunday River, BC games, Patriots 
game, Logan, Concerts, Blinking lights, Steds T-Bird, QP 12 oz. 
weights, RR, ED, DS, SS, SC, BS, KB, Parties, New Year's Eve 
88, Cheri. 

FORGETS: Snobs, SC Driving, Mono, Lowell Girls, Hang- 
Overs, The blues, Red boxes. 
FAVORITE MEMORIES: Sunday River condos 

FUTURE: To become an architect and operate my own com- 

Kimherly A. Bentley 


ACTIVITIES: Prom Committee, National Honor Society, Ski 
Club, Foreign Language Club, Soccer, Junior Achievement, 
Medical Careers Club, DECA 

REMEMBER: Family, Friends, Missy, Janice, Cindy, Kris, 
Terry, Mel, CAMBRIDGE, JS, Iggy, Wakefield Lake, Wa- 
tertown, Dedham, SW, MD'S driverhru, Proms, Parties, 
MATT, Gup, Eduardo, 10-31-87, Spaz, J. Gym, Krup, Phys- 
ics, Palace, Wildberry, Frontseater, T. stores, smoot, PIE, tent, 
FLORIDA, Hem. Remover, RR, Brute, J. Man, Hampton, 
Revere, Coun. D, 12-31-87, 9-27-87, 2-27-88. 

FORGET: CLIQUES, Col. app., tests, 1-22-88, 2-16 and 17- 
88, BOYS! 

FAVORITE SAYINGS: Bad, Hey Chic, 1 think I know him, 
oh no. 

FUTURE: College, Success, Love, Money, Red Lamborghini, 

PaulM. Burke 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer 2-4 Capt. 

REMEMBER: Family, Grampie Todd, Lisa, Dave, Mike, 
Ernie, Dan, Robin, Kim, Raz, AT, LD, Proto, Brian, Rich, 
Bradys, D&D, Labor Day Weekend, Arcadia, Jr Prom, 
AC/DC, New Years, RV across country, Killington, Murray's, 
Caddy's, Cambell's, BC, Florida, The lost weekends, The Buick, 
Camaro, Veteran's Day 86, Toga, Caswell, G&W, WBS, All- 
nighters, street hockey, Driveway, and all the good times to 

FORGET: Cannon MT, JPP, BD, BS, GBTA, Boring nights, 
FUTURE: To be happy, successful, and RICH 

■ I 





Ernest A. Botte 
ACTTVITES: Crosscountry 1, Wildcat News 
REMEMBER: Friends, Family. Stretch pants, Concerts, Hal 
loween '87, Lunch, Studys, CCH, Physics, Chemistry, Girls 
Girls, and more Girls, Legs, Being late for dass 

FORGET: Fudd and Fran, Spanish 4, Ritcher, Accident, Dag 
Marketing, Anatomy, English, Mid Years, Finals. English es- 
says, Maddie and ail who gave me to much work to do. 
FUTURE: To become rich and successful. 
FAV. SAYING: How s it hanging? 

Keri Ann Boia 
vball 1, Gvmnastics 

1 , Football Cheer- 

ACT1VIT1ES: Voile 
leading 2-3 Cap* i 

REMEMBER: Family, Bob,' Chris 

FRIENDS: mna, Chns-anne. Melisa. Anne, Jen, T.N.. 
K.T., L.S.. Pr 5 '20/88, Condo/TN and L.S., 

Hampton w/I Chris-anne, and Jeff, The grill w/Kim, Girl 
talks. Gloustc-r with C F . Cheering, Mrs. C, 

Jr Year, KS D. ns-anne's house. Talks w/Chris- 

anne, Florida 88 

FORGET: Figlm .. . HI.. Soph. yr. 


FUTURE: To be successful and happy in like life 

Ernest M. Boudreau 


ACTIVITIES: (12 02.) Curls 

REMEMBER: Family. Dave, Mike, Paul, Proto, Donald, Rich, 
Bryan, Feetzy, The Boys of '87, AT, MM, LR, LD, Amy C. 
Playing Mailman with a club, The one eyed Bandit, Maverick 
K, Parking lots, Foot horor, Florida with the boys. Bud. 
Pounding Pumpkins with Dion. 

FORGET: Trying to get Amy C back, Hitting tree with car, 

Bradys, The Klink with Andy, 6/5/86 

FAV. SAYING: Pack a hog! 

FUTURE: To be the worlds fastest top fuel dragster and live to 

the age of 25. 


Greg Breen 

"Green Bean" 

"Mad Hetter" 

THANKS TO: Christine, Matt, EUena, Mom, and most of all 
Dad. For everything you've given me. 

MEMORIES: Moving to Wilmington, and meeting PR, KL, 
CF. JG, ML. NG, and MP, The trip to Pittsburgh with KL. 
The Mustang of love, "WR" — 2/14/88, Mad jams with 
Mad Hattet," The Band — Paul. Ken, and Rob, New Jersey, 
Never making the honor roll. The cymbals I never bought. 
Coming home late on school nights, and every second I've spent 
with Christine. 

FUTURE: To play my roller coster drum-set on the "Mad 
Hatter" tour. 

Michelle Ann Carbone 

ACTIVITIES: Winter Track, Spring Track, Junior Achieve- 
ment, Foreign Language Club, Junior Prom Committee, Senior 
Prom Committee, OEA Vice Ptesident 

FRIENDS: Stephen, Kim, Winnie. SK. KM, MJ, AL, HP, JG, 
SC, SF. 

REMEMBER: Proms. Summer 87 2/20/88. "PASS ME A 
ROLL PLEASE" "PARTY TRAIN," Old Orchard Beach, 
Hampton 87, Home Coming Dance. 

FORGET: 11/27/86, Nashoba, 1/29/88, Hospital, THE 
BRADYS," Exams, Geometry, Anatomy, Vol Ares, Food 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior Prom 5/20/88. 
FUTURE: College, Law School, Private Law Practice. 

Dan Cadigan 
ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4 
REMEMBER: Family, Laura 

FRIENDS: Anthony, Sue, Annette, CJ, Pat, Dan, Scott, Chris, 
Tim, Jo, Don, Lisa, Jim, Kristen, Wayne, Paul, Dave, Conners 
w/Pat, Dan, Van, Dracut, 5/29/87, Murrays 5/17/87, Bee 
Wakuta, Central, TGDG, Football, Dancing, Peiliters, Maine, 
Toga, XMAS 87, Jr Prom, Beach, Hampton 85, 4/19/86, 
Convertable, New Year 88. 

FORGET: Lies, McDonalds, Whistle, Homecoming, Funerals, 
Hill, Fights w/Laura, LMBF, Listen Dan. 


FUTURE: To make the most of myself, be happy and get 


Stephen Cain 
FRIENDS: Nikki, Matt, Chris, Heidi, Christin, Paul. 
REMEMBER: 1/16/87, 12/31/86, 2/22/88, Summer 86 
and 87, Winters in New Hampshire, Gramps pockets, Nights 
w/Nikki, Nights w/the guys, outrunning Wolfeboro PD, Most 
of the parties, towing for FCC, Coke machine, Plowing, Beating 
Chris w/my ski doo. 

FORGET: Bodecker and his parties, zepo, first ticket, Nikki 
being mad, Heidi walking away, Getting hit, studies, psy- 

SAYING: You stud. 
FUTURE: To be the best I can be at what I do in my life. 

ACTIVITIES: Volleyball, Cheering Dancing 
REMEMBER: Family, Marty, dancing, B/F Kimarie, Todd, 
Anthony, Kim, M. Fra2ier, Marcia, Dan, Wayne, Mikey, JM, 
The Dev. growin' up w/Kim, G + B w/Mike, MC, DT, Talks 
w/Robin Jean, G+S w/Marty, Parties, Summer 85 w/Kb, 
Todd makin' me laugh, Panowpt, Kims humor, BIWPN, 143, 
Easty w/Ks, Proms, Recitals, Jeremy G+SW/TP. 
FORGET: HOUSEWORK, PHSMO, Backstabbers, Hurtin 
my parents, making mistakes, DT, get'n hurt, fights, get'n in 
trouble, Iss, The word DIET. 

FUTURE: To be happy, to live a long and successful life. GO 




Melanie Colder 


FRIENDS: Elaina, Kati, Jean, Dean, Bink, Hayday, P.F., 
MM., S.C., T.F., W.M., CM, S.D., T.R., A.M., S.V., Stretch, 
Murph, K.P., N.S., S.S., J.B., S.B., Meeker, B.F., W.B., 
Maheegan, L.P., J.P., Paul. 

REMEMBER: Family, friends, N.W., Cambells party, Binks 
party, K of C, Frasers corner, quads, Meusie, x-mas parry, Mr. 
Scanlans class. Mr. D's class, Pam's party, Daryl's party, party- 
ing, proms, basketball, melon-head, SR. grades. 

FORGET: Accident, Brady Bunch, 9th, 10th, 11th grade 
marks, fire. 

FAVORITE SAYING: What the !*#@!, Oh my God. 

FUTURE: Make a lot of money, be happy. 

Jennifer Campbell 

ACTIVITIES: Drama 1-4; FHOC. 1-2; Basketball I; Spring 
Track 1-2; Class Secretary 1; Class V. Pres. 2; Jr. Achievements; 
Prom Committee 3-4 

REMEMBER: Family, Friends, Sue, LD, BS, JR, SM, LS, AC, 
KT, LM, HC, TO; ZEUS, 2/15/88, HO. B.Y., Fres. Yr., 
Parties, Sun. River, #33, Pig-Outs w/Sue Hall. /87 Plays, A 
and OLD LACE, Drama Fest. Summer/84 Kurt, St. H, K.F., 
I.D.'s, Derbys, Jr. Prom, Fr. Fid. Hie, George's Island w/Jen. 
Rusty FORGET: Dp. at track meet. Dtiven-around, Antigone, 
Fall Stev. M., Try-outs, Last accident. 
FUTURE: To become a rich and famous actress. Sayen Yee! 

David Camell 
ACTIVITIES: Golf 2, 3; Baseball 2; Track 2; Yearbook 
REMEMBER: Family, HEIDI — all the times with her — 
10/18/87 Scott, Sean, Chris, Hale, Moran PN, DM, xl0$, The 
Van of Love! Pumpkining-Padonis! Psych, Bertini — QUIET! 
The Prune! Dave — Summer 87, Talks w GSM, Rush — 
12/12/85, Flat Tire Hockey Games, Im no Angel, WHITES- 
NAKE — 1/28/88, The Cape, Xmas 87 @Kirbys, Hampton, 
The Art WINNEBAGO, Dean — z28, Photo2, Study w/ ML 

FORGET: Getting Stuck @12 AM Fights with Heidi, Kle- 
ponis, p&s Convenient, The BUNCH, — 2?, ISS. 



Kristofer Carlson 

"Kous, Kris" 

REMEMBER: Carri, Stephen, Brian, Cindy, Jean, Melanie, 
Sandy, Jimmy and Gwen. The good times at Computax with 
Dave and Scott. Stephen's house. My charger. Senior Year, 
FORGET: Grand Prix, Freshman Year, Boring Nights. 

John E. Carter 

ACTIVITIES: Spring Track 4, CC3, Winter Track 2, Hockey 


REMEMBER: Family, Kevin, Brian, Lisa, Darryl, Winnie, 
Michelle II, so, Brutha, Amy, KB, EB, SS, PM, PD, MO, TK, 
CF, DM, SS, CP, MM, CB, CS, PS, BC, Kristen, 86 Champs, 
V! Frankie, RHC, Harvard 4 55, Evrope, White-snake, Boston, 
Piriro, D&D, VB, Anat, Vi days, Good times. 
FAVORITE SAYING: Why be normal? 

FORGET: English, SryrCC, WT States, SP4, 5, Pits! SATS, 
after quarters, Anyone who doesn't like you lor Ixing yourself. 
FUTURE: Become a doctor, Sub 4 mi. Follow my dreams, 
I they niiiy lead! 

Amy Caruso 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1-4, Basketball 1-4 Co-Capt., 
Student Council 3-4, Prom Committee 3-4 
REMEMBER: Family, Friends; Jen's, Sue's, Kim, tra, Beth 
Cath, Boys' '88, Moran's, Ernie 10/27/86, FLD Hoc-MVC, B- 
Ball Cape Cod — camp Wingate, Pirate's Cove upside down 
RM, van Tim B. NJ Alex and Audrey, Parties — BC, camp- 
bell's KB's, DE Toga, Halloween '87, Sean's cat Boston — 
Cindy, 3/27/85, Chicago and Florida. 
SAYING: All I can say is thank God. 

FORGET: Lynnfield, sat's, coronet, Tape Recorder, swain gas 
tank, sports tryouts. 
FUTURE: Finish college and own a successful business. 

Kristen Catanzano 


ACTIVITIES: Soccer 2, JV Field Hockey, Gymnastics 3, 
Softball 2, National Honor Society 2, Math Honor Society 2, 
Foreign Language 2, Peer Leadership 2, Junior Achievement 2, 
Prom Committee, Medical Careers Club 2 
REMEMBER: Family, Cindy, Terry, Missy, Dez, Kim B., Kim 
Z, Joanne, Tony, Mark, Janice, Tiff, Kelli, Alicia, Tom G, and 
friends, proms, soccer, HC Court, Heuy Lewis, Revere, parties, 
Maine, Putnam Pantry, Hampton, Brute, Krey, and Doc's class, 
Kim, and Chem, fun, 11/7/87 w/t, whip cream, football, 
wakefield lake, sports, Demoulas friends, zucchini 

FORGET: SAT's, calculus, 1:00 on 2/15/88, Try-Outs 
FAVORITE SAYINGS: Sweetness, Hun, Scuma, and Lamo. 
FUTURE: To find love, success, and happiness! 


Marisa Cenca 

ACTIVITIES: Cross Country Track, Spring Track, Winter 

FAMILY: Dad, Mom, Frank, Tony 
FRIENDS: Michelle, Kristen, Michelle, Stacey, Pam, (etc) 
REMEMBER: The good times with my friends, proms, May 
15, 1985, May 15, 1986, The good times up at Stowe (Pat), 
and the good times up at Sugar Loaf at Graigs Condo building. 

FORGET: Heartbreaks, ex-boy friends, Math class, exams, and 

eighth grade. 


FUTURE: To explore college, own my own boutique, have a 
healthy family, but most of all to be happy with my life with 
whatever 1 do. 

Chris Ciampa 

ACTIVITIES: Freshman Football, JV Wrestling 

REMEMBER: Family, friends, C.J., SM, CM, AT, SB, MB, 

Journey concert with SM, SM, SM, JC, 86. Bon Jovi concert 

with SM, MM, CR, ML, 87. Tipping the cans with CJ, DW, 


FORGET: WHS, Rules, Homework, not that I ever did any, 

Accident 2/4/88 in Tewksbury, getting my radio and equalizer 

stolen 2/5/88. 

FUTURE: To be a successful carpenter, to be rich and happy, 

and to go down south and party with some of the girls down 




Susan Claire 


FRIENDS: Jen, Carolyn, Alicia, CR, JN, CO, SL 
REMEMBER: Jr. Prom, Lip sync Show, Army, picnic, Garcia, 
summer of 87, the beaches, football games, 12/9/87 

FORGET: Final Exams, chemistry, math, 9/9/87, 18th birth- 
day sophomore year, and fire drills. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: 7/1 1/87 Dave 


FUTURE: To be a successful hairdresser, to travel, get married 
and have two kids. 

Anthony F. Ciampa 
ACTIVITIES: Football, and Baseball 

REMEMBER: Family, Gail, Danny, Kristen, Todd, CJ, 
Steven, Sully, Chuckie, Lisa, LC, DP, TD, BB, Ray, MS, Nights 
out, partying, double dates, hanging around with c, s. gswcwatb 
s, staying out all night, Lisa L's party. New H., Flying down 
Concord, 5/12/85. 

FORGET: School, homework, bad tests, head games, and 

FUTURE: Go to college and become a "cop." 


David James Colclough 


REMEMBER: Aug. 27, 1985, Gypsy Rose — Metal!, Guns N 
Roses, Led Zeppelin, and David Lee Roth. 

FRIENDS: John, Jay, Dave, and Bruce — the very BEST! 
FORGET: May 1, 1987, Mr. Grecoe, Drunken Nights — 
painful mornings, Dealing with my diabeties, and poem burn- 
ings on Hampton Beach. 

FUTURE: To push Gypsy Rose to super Stardom, party with 
David Lee Roth, and buy a house on the beach — so I can see 
the sun rise and set with Sharon — I LOVE YOU HUNNY!! 

Michael T. Connell 

ACTIVITIES: Hockey 1, Soccer 1-4, Wrestling 2-4 
REMEMBER: Family, Dave, Paul, Ernie, Brian, Chuck, Rich, 
AT., L.R., L.D., M.M., New Years 87-88, Toga Night, 
Arcadia, The Buick, Murrays, Parking Lots, B.C. R Parties, The 
Bunkbeds, Junior Prom, Killington, Soccer, Wrestling, Kristen, 
All-Nighters, and all the "Good Times." 
FORGET: New Years Day practice, watching weight, Bad 
Times, Dave, "1 think we're going to run out of gas," G.B.T.A., 
boring nights, M.V.C TOURNEY. 

FUTURE: To be happy and successful and to enjoy life to it's 

Scott Cooke 

FRIENDS: Pete, Box, John, Rob, Paul, Adam, Dave, Steve, 
Eric, Evan, Roger, Andy, Bob, Cheryl, Cathy, and Tammy. 

REMEMBER: Phono Genics, Evan's party, Steve's party, 
blinking lights, Road Signs, The foundry, RX-7, Sunday River, 
Sharon, Jay, Annette, Dawn, Valerie, and toga — 87. 
FORGET: Leigh, fire extinguishers, Altron, and Police, Fresh- 
man math, French, Brady's, flipping RX-7. 

FUTURE: To make ice skates and follow in my father's 





Winifred A. Corsaro 

"Fred, Winnie, Win" 
ACTIVITIES: Cross-Country 1-4 (Captain), Winter Track 1- 
4, Spring Track 1-4 

REMEMBER: MOM and DAD, Mr. Kelley — Whinny 
Winnie, 5:52, Carl, Spring "87," c-c "87," R.I., Kristin, L.C., 
M.H., AH., Matt — prom 5/15/87, Semiformal — AL- 
WAYS!, 106.7, Kevin — SPECIAL!, Micheie, Kristie, K.S., 
S.C, Psych — Mrs. Hayes, Chuck and Gregg, Somewhere!, Red 
Convertible, Beetles, Black eye, S.B. 
FORGET: Stress Fractures. 

FUTURE: PHD in PSYCHOLOGY and to own a red con- 
vertible beetle. 


Laurie Cole 
REMEMBER: Family, SCOTT, Good times w/Beth, Terri, 
Darlcne, Nise, Lisa, Robin, KB, NS, AC. BS, TF, SL, Soph, yr, 
PP. Maine, 11/16/84 w/ BB&DP, LSP, Summer of 85 and 
87, 1HOP. c-20, Terri and the trashman, D&J's house, golf 
course, Trpn, the trade w/Ter, Ronans, ALL GOOD TIMES 

FORGET: NEW YEAR'S EVE 86, The morning after w/DP, 
Bldv — 86, FK, phases, DB, Bad Times w/Scott, lies 
FUTURE: To be happy 


Sean Costello 

Robert K. Corrieri 
ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1-4, Strk 2, Drama 4, DECA 4 
REMEMBER: Family, Pal. RJ, Paul, Kev, Doug, Darryl, 
Chris, Jeff, Tony, Mike, Jon, Sean, MC, DG, SS, Beth, Jen, 
Sue, AC, HF, KZ, True Friends, Parties, Proms, Cape. BC 
Parrys. Prk lots, Halloween — New Yrs, Skiing, PS w/'Stan, 6 
per Math class. Sr. Play, Jokes, Ail the good times. 
FORGET: Fights, cliques, dbl. Sessions, SATs, Caught drv 
"the Beast:", Applications, snobs. Fights w/Al. 
FUTURE: To be happy and get everything I want out of life. 
"AL get a job and go to college." 

Janice Craig 
ACTIVITIES: DECA, Foreign Language Club 1. 2 

REMEMBER: Family, STEVEN, 7/13/87, Kim, Mel, MJ, 
LR. CE, SM, CR, LS. Brian. Gup, Matt, JA, FRIENDS. Revere 
Beach. Pie Mustang. Kim's House, tent, jungle, zoo, squirtguns, 
7/4/86 crowns, Boston, DECA, SKPG, Hockey games, 
"" GBW/JA&T M, GS, JM, SODAS, Big L. Wakefield 
Lake, goofy times 

FORGET: 1/22/88, worrvs, losers, snobs, cliques, nicks, pry 
fights, summer 84, Halloween 84, the BOYS. EK. SATS 

MEMORIES: Park w/Leone 


FUTURE: go to college gel married and live a happy healthy 

and successful life! 

Lisa Costabile 

ACTIVITIES: Prom Committee 

REMEMBER: Stephen, Family, Te, LA, Bet, Darl, RU, JD, 
DM, RA, LM, KZ, MB, DT, JW, MT, 6th gd, Dance 6/5/86, 
4/28/84, Parties, Streak, N. Yrs, Rev/Hampton Beach, all 
nighters, buka, West, Ski, Prom, Skip, Concerts, piva. Bimbo, 
Annie, and stab 

FORGET: Depression, Beak, EBDB, fist fights, hang overs, 
break ups, phonies, ISS, old nose, 8/16/87, math, bills, Hos 
pt.. bills, station, lies, and "What I can't hear." 

FUTURE: To be an interior decorator and decorate the room 
that Patrick Swayze dirty dances in. 

Heather Cram 
ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, Cross Country 1, SADD 1. 2. 


Peer leadership 2, 3, 4, Drama 1, 2, 3, 4 
MAFU, Calgon take me away, Annie Hall, Julian, Fat Men, 
JOBI, French, Prince, Quest ce que c'est, the Basement, 
Microwavable Entrees, Canada, water polo, summers. GH, 

FORGET: Weekdays channel 56 5:00, Lockweeds window, 
Small Town Prc-|udices 
FUTURE: To be a TV. Evangelist 

FAVORITE SAYING: 1 Would Rather Shower in a Wom- 
en's Prison.' 


•; y 

Kevin Cripanuk 


REMEMBER: FAMILY, Kristie (AAO), Winnie (Dave), 
John, Steve, Brian II, Amy, Beth, Kristen, Dawn, Mike <UM), 
TK, PM, CF, LH, Mum, Vi Days, VB, D+O, KREYMISTRY, 
Moped, CC camp, Wavelength, Niteshift, Europe, Rush, WS, 
Karnov, Billerica Team, Hurdlers, Mr. Kelley, Bob c, Jim, 
Vision Quest. 

FORGET: Sleepless Nights, Depression, ALL STATES 

FUTURE: College, See the World (Austrialia), Barcelona 92, 
FASHIONED WAY, To Be The Best There Ever Was. 


Michelle Cullen 
ACTIVITIES: Workstudy 

FRIENDS: Marisa, Pam, Karen, Larry, SL, RP, WM, RR. 
REMEMBER: Proms, Partying, SKIPDAYS, the REZ, the 
BAND, Rob's house, Cruisin, BT 10/12/85, PD 5/10/86, 
Sugarloaf, Concerts, SMU, Alf, "Never Say Goodbye," Bog 
Road, Summer nights, crushes, Duran Duran. 

FORGET: Being Late, Boyfriends, Heartbreak, the Toyota, 
exams, homework. 

FUTURE: College, to meet Mr. Right, be very successful and 
very happy. 


Alicia Cuocn 


ACTIVITIES: Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4, Gymnastics 1, 3, 4, 

Captain, Drama 1, 2, 3, 4, Spring Track 1, Prom Committee^ 

Peer Leadership 


REMEMBER: Match in Reading, Proms, Surprize Parties, 
Africa, 7 period studies 

FORGET: French and Math tests, Tent, Head Stuck in locker, 
Golfing with SC and CJ. 

FUTURE: To enjoy college get married, and become a broad- 
way star. 


Michelle Currier 

REMEMBER: Family, Mike, MC, MC, JM, LS, LC, SA, CJ, 
HAMPTON — 84 and 85 and 86, MB, MC, MW, SF GBT, 
Somerville, Schoolyard, Mikes Hurricane going 135-MPH, 
Skipping, Club/KC, 4x4 in Derek's Truck, New Years, DS, 
JC, MV, JG, MM, Good Times With Friends, MJB 

Gym, Breaking Up, PF, DT, MV 

FUTURE: College, Try to Find a Job I Like 

FAVORITE SAYING: I don't care.' 

Suzanne M, Curtin 
"Suz, Dr. Suz" 
ACTIVITIES: Band 1-4, Jazz Band 1, 3, 4, Pres., Yrbk. 4, 
Prom Coram. 3, 4, J.A. 3, 4, DECA, Soccer 2, Track 2, 3 
REMEMBER: Mommy, Daddy, Alison, Sharon, Tom, Jeff, 
Kristi, Jo, JULIE, Friends, Maine, OP Dances, Band Camp, Ski 
Trips, STB, Jr. Prom, Day After, Gumby, 1st per. study, 
Parties, Boston Trips, Districts, Bowling, Silver Lake, Paul L. 

FORGET: MONO!, Makin up work, French 4 Honors, Fights, 
Diets, Trees, Rainy Saturdays, Cliques, Waiting for acceptances. 

Laura Dambrosio 

ACTIVITIES: Vice President 3, 4; Cheering 1-4, Track 1, 2, 
Yearbook Staff, Prom Committee, Peer Leadership 4 

REMEMBER: Family, grd. parents, Danny, Friends: AT, LR, 
SM, JC, MM, LM, JL, BS, AL, PB, MC, DG, CA, EB, Murray's 
6/27/87, Sum '87, talks w/Sue, girltalk, New Year's '88, 
CHEERIES, cheering, Mrs. C, NS, LM, soph, yr., 29ers, B- 
days, SOAN, Skiing, Sunday River, 5/15/87, 5/29/87, Cen- 
tral 9/19/87, toga, Sg's, parties, 88 day party, Jr. and Sr. 
Proms, Day after, Maine 3/5/88, XMAS '87, Bee. 

FORGET: Fights w/Danny, fake friends, accident 4/21/87, 
TMTD, Cliques, McDonald's, cwck, cuffs, lies. 

SAYING: "I'm sick of fighting." 

FUTURE: To live a life of love, success, and happiness. 










Barbara DeAngelo 

"Barb, Barbi" 

REMEMBER: Family, Dad, David, 8/27/85, David's Par- 
ents, Dawn, Friends: Melissa, KG, JG, CF, ML, SC, SC, DC, 
TF, JB, CQ, SS, SG, KM, SB, Mr. Cogan!!TSA, JC, Talks 
w/Melissa, Hampton, Parties, L w/K, ATT1FDAMHM. 

FORGET: 12/4/87, getting Arrested, Getting Caught, Ac- 
cidents, Fights w/Ma, Fights w/David, 5/10/87*, "The List", 
MB, 8/8/85, Liars, ISS, OS, The Next Day, Going to Court, 
1/3/85, 2 FACED PEOPLE, not being able to decide, Purple 
Hair, Getting Blamed, REPUTATIONS. 
FUTURE PLANS: To be Rich and Driving a Porsche. 

Paul DeFronzo 

"Danzo, Ralph" 
ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 1-4, Winter Track 2-4, Spring 
Track 1-4, NHS 3, 4, D.E.C.A. 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Foreign 
Language Club 1,3, Math Honor Society 2-4 
REMEMBER: Family, Friends, Sunny River w/cast, Stan & 
Crew, Newton, XC, Dog Days, Big Head at Har., Meets, Track 
camp, Broksby Farm, Dog on Adams Street, FB ON Common 
& Field, Study, Jokes, Eng. 4, Calc Parties, New Years, Jr. 
Prom, Spanish, Subordinates, BC, "Watermelon Sideways," 
Frosh Baseball, Getting Cast Off, Night at Town Park. 

FORGET: Big Head, Little Big Head, Spain 4 & 5, Hills, 
Accounting, Practice, Jake the Snake, Applications, Big Head 
with Tights, Night at Havrille w/Ce. 

FUTURE: To be happy and to drive a real vette. 

Anthony DeSantis 


ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1-4, 3 Amigo Tri Capr. 

Student Council 1-4, Tres. 3, Pres. 4, D.E.C.A., OEA, Model 

Congress, Comedy Club. 

REMEMBER: Family. Friends, MIKE, Johnny O., Pat, Pete, 
Chris, Kirby, Hale, Donzo, Woodsie, Caddy, Skippy, Extendo, 
Dan, Mag, Fetus, Tim, The Girls, 3 Amigos, 2/25/88, 5:25, 
Florida, Hampton, Van, Buzzy's, Bigboy, Parent Jokes, Con- 
certs, Rati-n-Roll, West Int., Stan and Crew, Physics w/Doc, 
Typing, Scat : 7. Dick, Parties Sean's, Connor's, Proto's, B.C. 
Amy's, New . 8, CMN, FB, WRT, W/RL 

FORGET: ( yem, Finals, No Place to go, PK 

lots, Greencard 

FUTURE: to be rich r ,,us and punch robin leach in the 


Evan A. Dewire 


Soccer-3 yrs. 

FRIENDS: Doug, Brian, (OX), Laura, Schneider, Jen, Rene, 
Amy, Laura. Dave, Peter, Rob, Craig, Cathy, John. 

REMEMBER: Family and friends, painting of Blood Mobile, 
Brian's car on snowband, weekends "1986" Parties, the Sheas 
and Flemings 

FORGET: 1987, the Lyon's, French class, and Latin class. 
FUTURE: To own a monster mudding truck, an antique car, 
and to have a successful business. 

Joanne M. DeLuca 


NHS 3-4, MHS 3-4 Sec. 3, Foreign Language Club 1-4, Yrbk 
4, Prom Comm 3-4, DECA 4 Reporter, Tennis 2-4, Model 
Congress 4. 

REMEMBER: Family, Friends; Kristen, Carrieann, Cindy, 
Smitdes, KP, Dez, etc., Maine, Huey Lewis Concert, Summer of 
'87, Florida, work w/CH, shopping, DOOL, Tennis, talks & 
DD runs w/CR, 6/13/87, Bruins' Hockey Games, 11/2/85, 
Quincy Mkt, DECA States, 88 Day Party. 

FORGET: Fake friends, Calculus Tests, applications, getting up 
early, Fights, 2/15/87, 9/13/86. 

FUTURE: To graduate from college and have a happy and 
successful life. 

FAVORITE SAYING: Skatieight million . . . 


Pamela L. DiPalma 


Deca 2, 3, 4, '88 committee 1, foreign Language 2, 3, 4, 
ceramics 4. 

FRIENDS: Karen, Walter. Lumpy, BooBoo, Kristen, Eileen, 
Mary Heather, Larry, Marisa, Michelle. 

REMEMBER: 10-5-87, DeMoulas Gang, Jr. Prom, Rez, 
Morning jogs, Mr. C. Skiing trips, all my tech friends, loon, 
extra driving lessons, summer vacation, summer of '86. 

FORGET: School, getting up early, stalling the car in KS 
driveway, working at Demoulas, lies. 

FAVORITE MEMORIES: getting my puppy, good times 
with Walter 


FUTURE GOAL: Finish school, getting out of Wilmington, 
and owning my boutique. 

Kristin C. Donovan 

ACTIVITIES: Band 1-4, J.A. 3, Spring Track 2 
REMEMBER: Frank, family, Julie, Suzanne, Sharon, Mc, Al, 
Ck, LO, SC, KG, TS, JM, April 22, 1986, junior and senior 
proms, camp — '87, Rush, eggroll, June 24, 1987, Cape and 
Maine, Hampton Beach, MM, Beans, Snuffles, Bumble, I HOP, 
KC, JC, TK, ocan park. 

FORGET: Soph, year, computers, lettuce, MF, Brady's, JA, 

Rain, Kamp, food, Ms. Peter's, Mr. O's class, Chemistry, 

Papa's, CS. 


FUTURE: To always be happy. 

Terri Downs 
REMEMBER: My Family, Dad, C Billy, Darl, Lav, Beth, 
Lori, Denise, LC, RA, NM, MD, SV, JM, SL, MM, GJ, RK, 
ES, TD, The Cormiers, Dumb plans w/ D. LSP, FOF, WWI 
3/9/86, Mag St, ME., FLA, PPMS. A, parties at D&JS, Golf 
Course, Cindy's, C-20, weekends away, All the fun time 
w/friends and the happy times w/Billy. 

FORGET: Long phases and being hurt. 

FUTURE: To have a long, happy life with the man of my 

Cynthia Af. Elliott 

ACTIVITIES: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1-4, Foreign 
Language Club 1, 2, 3, Prom Committee 3, 4, Yearbook 4 

REMEMBER: Family, Bonnie, Kim, Kristen, Amy, Terry, 
Janice, Missy, Joanne, Sue, Tiff, Smith, Kellie, Dez, Lynn, Caru, 
Kris C, C.B., C.R., Mark, Paul, Chris, JO., P.H., R.P., B.W., 
Winnepueskee, 12/15/87, Hampton 5/ 16/87, Basketball 
Gang, Huey, Concert, Krup, New Year's Eve '87, Watertown, 
Russ, Eggmobile, Halloween '87, sec. Guard w/Caru, W.B., 

FORGET: 8/4/87, SAT's, 2/17/88, Cliques, T.T., Appli- 
cations, 1/12/88, 2/8/88, Finals, Math, Zayre, Losing 

FUTURE: Being happy, successful, and rich. 

Tim Fay 

Deanna Erwin 

ACTIVITIES: Volleyball 4 years, Capt., Softball 3 years 
REMEMBER: Family, DANNY 10/11/86, 10/11/87, 
rimes w/Danny, Friends, Chris-Anne, Mel, Keri, Jen, Anne, 
29ers, Tent night — 5/24/86, Soph, summer, Times ar Chris- 
Anne's house, Wally World, Toga, maliday, Volleyball — 
pumpkins, Proms — Gloucester, Cas, Talks w/C.A.F., Mel's 
— WW3, B.C., Plum Island, H.H., Tull's parties — Jeep, 
SOAN, Lip Sync, Woods Family, Daytona! 

FORGET: 2/8/86, 7/4/86, Moped, fights, tickets, TTBAC 
FAVORITE SAYING: "Don't wotry about it!" 
FUTURE: Success and Happiness! 

Tracey Ethier 

FRIENDS: Lisa, Scott, R.A., R.R., A.H., L.B., N.O., KB., 
J.M., DM., DM., KM., KB., T.S., K.A., K.A., KB., S.M. 

REMEMBER: Cam Boston Bruins, Boston Quincy Market, 
Florida, Arizona, Mall, Mexico, Movies with Amy, Tape, Mom, 

FORGET: Mac, Being short, Math, Summer School, Mid- 
years, Finals 

FAVORITE SAYING: "Get out of here." 
FUTURE: To go to college and to go to Australia 



David Feyler 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, Wrestling 4 

REMEMBER: Friends and Family, JR, Prom, Jim's camp, 
Maine, Partys, 88D Party, photo, MR, Krey's Class, Football, 
New Year's Eve, WW Rafting, Dan C, Lisa R., RJ, SK, CA, 
DG, PB, MC, SM, DC, DL, SW, GB, TM2, DH2, CP, CJ, 
FAY, STM, JD, BAL, TB and New H, KZ, Beach, H. Parker, 
SunBird, Camaro, Surprise 

FORGET: Geomerry, DC and LD Fights, Accident, Headg- 
ames, SATs, Parking Lots, Wakuta, Monday mornings, Wres- 
tling practice, Shawsheen Tech 
FUTURE: To be successful and to live a long and happy life 

Christine Flaherty 
REMEMBER: Greg, Family, Close friends, Jeanne, Maria, 
Lisa, Melissa, Nikki, RM, SF, DK, BS, Partying, Pulling horror, 
All Nighters, Going to Florida, Feb. Vacation (west reg.), 
Watching Madhatter Jam Out! Esiswg, Summer 87, Concerts 
w/friends, Mighty Moose 

FORGET: Fights, Airport w/Lisa, Accident, Widtp, My par- 
ties, Snobs 

SAYING: "Donk" 

FUTURE: To be rich and successful and to own a royal blue 


Chrisanne Florio 

ACTIVITIES: Prom Committee 3, 4, School Play 2, Student 
Government 2-4, Ski Club 2 

REMEMBER: Family, Jeff 4/8/86, Buffy, Dee, Anne, Jen, 
Keri, Mel, Jr. and Soph years, Lipsync, Wells, Hampton in 
March, The walk, Waily World, My old house, FLA. w/Keri, 
Skiing w/Jeff, The tent, Sr. Prom 87, Jeff s Buik, Spring of 86, 
The Labos Siere's. 

FORGET: Moving!!! The absent minded professor, NOV. 87, 
Some people. 

FAVORITE SAYING: What was I gonna say? 
FUTURE: To be happy. 


lou -Polo I ', 

Deb, Donna, I 
Friends, 8/31/87, I 
Duddy, DecDei , 

Sharon Lee Fossey 
2, Junior Achievement 2 

Pres., Pil- 

Beck, Derrick, nieces + nephews, 

-I, Suz, MIKE F., Julie, Kristin, 

7/7/87, Mr. + Mrs. Foresteire, 

football at work, Miss Btxchi- 

iio, ( anobii afti mes w/Suz. 

FORGET: Horrible figh i h, problems, DA, curfew, 

cliqui ■> 


FUTURE: To U happy wirh wtiatevi i I i house and 10 stay one 

.op ahead of the Rai Race 'ARGH!, OH my head!'' 

Marc Gallucci 

Rhonda Lynne Fuller 
REMEMBER: Family, R.G., The P's, S+R 
FRIENDS: Nancyne, Heather, Cindy, P.F.+S, A.B.+J. 

REMEMBER: Boton, S.M., M.H., L.B., L.T. 8/87, Skiing, 

w/H. 12/86, Summers of 86 and 87, Jr. year, JM + PA, 

Woody Allen, BS, New York w/G,P,E, The Neighborhood, 

The "Boat." 

FORGET: 1 1/1 3/85, The Big "A," Winter of 82, Sophomore 


FAVORITE SAYING: Those who can't do teach and those 

who teach, teach Gym. — W.A. 

FUTURE: Finish college, meet my idol, live in N.Y. City, and 

some day write a great novel. 



Robert J. Gantz 


BEST OF TIMES WITH: Jessica, Nikki, Mike, Robyn, TH, 
MB, DT, Zwick, DS, Egg, Ine, and Maria 

REMEMBER: 79 Firebird, 87 Formula, Family, Trips to PA. 
Henweigh, New Years eve 87, MB's van, Bud's, Partying, 
KangamanXgas, Sean, Mouse, Sandy, Peter, SC, and JB, 
Bedise, Scott B., Hup, and Brian, Chrissy at Jr. prom. P.S. 

FORGET: 2/13/88, Firebird vandals, EHS, Mike Hollis, 
walking home from Pheasant Lane, 


Jeanne George 
REMEMBER: Family, Danny, 5-15-87, Lisa, Maria, Christine, 
Melissa, N.G., L.R., KB., DM., G.B., J.B., C.J., NW = B.S., 
S.D., J.C., R.M., R.M., D.S., partying, TOA, skiing in VT 
w/M.P., B.S., R.M., Florida w/Chris, L.S., S.F., S — out 
w/friends, prom w/John, Ft w/D, W. Reg. w/Danny, Horror 
summers at BTA Meuse's, AC/DC w/Chris, double dating 
w/Maria all the boys 

FORGET: accidents: 5-25-87, letters, fights w/Danny, PC, 
embarrassing times, worries, rules, teachers, Bradys Barbie, 
C.H., J.C., snobs, airport w/Lisa, jobs 

FUTURE: To get my own way in everything and be happy 

John Gottlander 

Skiing, Whatever I can get myself into, 

FRIENDS: Pete, Scott, Steve, Craig, Dave, Paul, Steve, Kris- 
ten, Evan 

REMEMBER: Summer 87, Boys in Blue, Dave's back lawn, 

Feb. 18, 1988, Sunday River, Family, Canoeing, Late Summer 

night in Steve's truck, trying to find Club 54 with Kristen and 


FORGET: Homework, the day after the night before. School, 

encounter with the Boy's in Blue, Jump at Sunday River 

Dave Gidari 

Football 1, 2, 4, Wrestling 1, 2, 4 

REMEMBER: Family, Paul, Mike, Ernie, Annette, Brian, 
Rich, Proto, Raz, LD, Other Friends, D and D, JR Prom and 
Next Day, New Years 87 and 88, Killington, BC, Parking Lots, 
Murrays, Caswell, Veterans Day 86, The Buick, All Nighters. 
Lost Weekends, North Field, Wakuta, Central Game, 9-26-87, 
Making States, Pauls Driveway, Bunk Beds, All The Good 
Times To Come. 

FORGET: Boring Nights, Morning Whistles, Watching 
Weight, Chelmsford and Thanksgiving Game, Veterans Eve 
86, BS, JPP, GBTA, Filming 

FUTURE: To Enjoy Life Always. 

Julie Beth Gavin 

JA 3, FLC 2, Prom committee J and S 

REMEMBER: Michael, Mom, Dad, Dawn, Mr/Mrs Michaud, 
Kristin, Michelle, suzanne, sharon, al, Heather, Em, RB, KC, 
DR, Craig, CS, JG, TK, KS, KM, BG, FE, MORSILS, 
GAREFIELD, JA Dance 87, Junior and Senior Proms, Skiing, 
Summer 87, Ft. Lauderdale 6-87, 1 1-14-86, 1 1-3-87 — SM, 
Halloween Dance 86 

FORGET: Mono, Accident, Bradys, Chemistry, MF, Crutches 
FUTURE: To Have A Happy and Successful Life. 

Jeffrey J. Gardner 
Foreign Lang. 2, Newspaper 1, Hockey 1, Golf 4 
REMEMBER: Craig, Daryl, Steve M Missy Carneann 
Carolyn talks at the table, DA WN Dawn Dawn, DM3 
Dave, TM, Stick Pete, DA, BJ, Tram, DW, DW, MR, Dicey 
The Party No. 126.87V 16, CW, Doug, Merry-Go-Round, 
The Colt Paris to Darar, Friday Sing alongs, GT, ON 66, 
Wildcat, Robby, L's, DSTR, Saturday rnorning dehvetmg, 
Getting lost, Gall!, Parnell, Midnite auto sales, Street Signs. 
FORGET: Thumb, BRKN Stuff, 495 No. Center, News, 
Drive Through, Rootbeers, GF 
FUTURE: Success, Good Health, Nice car, Healthy Family 


I ] 

Nicole Grinovicb 


REMEMBER: Dave 5-29-85-?, Family, Growing up w/Jess, 
Bob, Sandy, Maria, Todd, JG, LG, MP, JB, GP, RK, PF, KC, 
CF, GB, Henweigh, Sunday River, TFTIDD, Closet, Partying, 
Bos w/G and J, JR Proms w/D and D, Tens, ISSWJ, Before 
Stage, Ehs b-room, Doll party w/Maria, Riverside, All the boys 

FORGET: 2-23-87, Fights w/Dave, Accidents 2-13-88, 6-16- 
87, me and Maria getting blown off, Brady's, Elana! (stuls) 

FUTURE: To be happy and wealthy 

Glenn W. Hooper 

ACTIVITIES: Skiing, Wrestling, Baseball 

REMEMBER: Family and All, Friends, Fourth Period Science 
Class, The Aerosmith, ZZ Top, and Skyanyrd Concert, "The 
Good Times," North Conway Camping Trips And Mr. Cogan. 
FORGET: Mr. Woods and His Stupid Rules, Running Out Of 
Gas On The Way To The Monkees Concert, The Moose Lodge. 
FUTURE: To Get My Masters In Plumbing And To Own My 
Own Company And To Go To Australia For A Couple Of 
Months And To Be Very Rich And To Have A Good Time. 

Dwayne Hill 
ACTIVITIES: (Drums) Heartattack 

REMEMBER: Dwight, Mikey, Mark, Serge, Man, Jeff, Tate, 
Joe, PMC, DC, JK, DF, Waitless, KT, JW, JP, David Lee, 
Redheads, Muff Talk, Class of '88, Concerts, Slammers, Bang, 
Pieces, 102 < T Mall Rats, His Place Gang, The Friends 

That Faded But Ijett Great Memories 

Times That V 

FUTURE: Play Sold (. 
But Never Grow Up! 

•/ C" Hair Cuts, PTF, FPL PIC, The 
• nes, The People Who Give Up A 

ten! Listen! Really 
ro The U.S.! To Grow Old 

Dwight Hill 


ACTIVITIES: Wrestling, Heartattack (Singing) 

REMEMBER: Jennifer, Dwayne, Mike, Mark, Joe, PMC, CS, 
SM, JG, AT, Concerts, GB & CF, BK, JK, DL, Most of the 
Class of '88, Mailboxes, Knyfe, 10/30/86, Grover, Slammers, 
Bang, Pieces, 102 Chester Sr., Mallrats, Friends Now and Faded 
Away, Parties, People Who Believe in Us, Drafting, Demo, 

FORGET: People Who Gave Up On Us, Senior Privileges, 
PTF, Hair Cuts, Hangovers, Underwear, Music Stop, FPL, That 
There Is Such A Thing As A Bad Time. 

FAVORITE SAYING: Must Have Been Dwayne. 

FUTURE: To Be The Biggest And Best Band To Hit A Stage. 

Todd Huebner 

ACTIVITIES: J V Hockey, Fres Football, Baseball 1, 3, Varsity 

REMEMBER: Family, Kimarie, Friends, Darrell, CJ, Tony, 
Sully, Denny, Cazzi, Byrdman, Tim Fall, Good Times With 
Kim, Sumner Of "86" With Kim, 6/12/86, 6/26/86, Filwk, 
Trips to Good Harbor With John, My Pet Rock, Skiing With 
Kim, The Field Trip From Raliry With Kim, Fitzy, John, Giliy, 
Lisa, Drinking Muk'in Futch, Jokes 

FORGET: Fights, BJ, CI, CKS, 4/27/85, Spending Money, 
Accidents, Being Late, SG, DL, Giving In, Studies, Heckler, 
Illegal Sas, Inappreciative meers 

FUTURE: Live To Fullest Degree Of Luxury, Marry Kim, Rap 

David Hale 

"Hale Storm" 
ACTIVITIES: Track 1, Basketball 3, Yearbook Staff, Jr. Prom 

REMEMBER: Family, Friends, JO, SK, TM 2 , DC 2 , CA, ML, 
ID, PT, PN, DW, CP, BS, RH, MG, DM, 5/24/86, Tent 
Party, Pumpkining, Martha's Vineyard, Soho wknd., Bertini's 
Class, "Quiet!" The Padonis, Campbell's, MALIDAY, WCC, 
Buzzy's, Proms, Stan M, Be, skip days. Cape party at Amy's, 
hoop, 5:30, Florida; 88. The West, Bowling with DW, JM, SK, 
AN. Pool hopping, the girls, Mr. WW, Big Boy, AC/DC, 
Steve Ser, "I wanna be a COWBOY" 

FORGET: Hillview, Mrs. Schnauder, Maibeater, blowouts, 
FUTURE: Riches and bitches. 


Amy Hamilton 


ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1-4, Capt. 4, Basketball 1-4, 
Cape. 4, Softball 1-4, Capt. 4, Band 1-2 

REMEMBER: Family, Cindy, Judy, LB, TM, AC, TE, CB, 
KC, CJ, JO, CH, KL, BJ, RJ, Field Hockey, MVC Champs, 
HIOBS, Boston, Bates Ski Trip Greenville, Movies, Softball, 
Davisville R.I., Good Times, Weekends 

FORGET: Senior and sophomore years, Bad Times, SAT's, 
College Applications, Waiting 

FUTURE: To have a great time 

Carrieann Hunt 


ACTIVITIES: Gymnastics 3, Junior Prom Committee, DECA 

REMEMBER: Family, Craig, 1/9/88, Missy, Carolyn, AT, 
XM, JG, JD, CR, TH, friends, Cape Cod, Hampton, 12/4/87, 
New Year's Eve, 10/3/87, Parties, Senior Year, CS, T.S. She, 
B-day Party 12/12/87 

FORGET: SATs, Finals & Midterms, Having Mono, Junior 
year, Fights 1/30/88, Snobs. 

FUTURE: To Graduate from college and get a good job 
become rich and later marry and raise a family. THANKS 

Stephen Jackson 

ACTIVITIES: Skiing, Pool, Buying Cars 
REMEMBER: Nova AMX Summer Jam Aerosmith Scorpion 
FORGET: Nova, Wilmington Forts, Suspension of License 

Melissa Jamerson 


ACTIVITIES: Soccer 2, 3, 4, Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, Softball 2, 
Track 1, Foreign Language Club 1, 3, 4, National Honor Society 
3, 4, Math Honor Society 3, 4, Medical Career Club 3, 4, Prom 
Committee 3 

REMEMBER: Kim, Kris, Terry, Janice, Cindy, Dez, friends, 
Cambridge, Iggy, the Doctor, Wakefield Lake, toy store, Front- 
seater, MD SDrive Thru, Proms, 2/14/88, 12/31/87, 
3/6/88 RH5:30, Wlddberry, Hampt., Revere, Jungle Janice, 
Mishish, Strangemods, oinks, Edvardo, Brute, Physics, Hem: 
Remover, Gym, Palace, Andover Inter., tent 
FORGET: Calculus, Cliques, SATs 

FAVORITE SAYINGS: Oh Know!, Yo Baby Yo, Chic, I 
don't know, Jan-Man 

FUTURE: Money!, Love, and Happiness. 

Carolyn Jones 

ACTIVITIES: Track 1, Band 1 and 2 

REMEMBER: Steve, Susan, Carrieann, Missy, Alicia, Heather, 
SL, CO, Jn, AL, KS, AH, CS, AT, Mr. Melhado, 1-1-88, The 
unknown Party, Biology Class, All the good times with Steve, 
Senior Prom, Army Picnic-Garcia, Jan 29, 1988 June 86 
FORGET: French 4 Honors, typing 
FUTURE: to Be successful in whatever I do and Have fun! 




John Keily 

Sean T. Keogan 

ACTIVITIES: Class President 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, 4 

REMEMBER: Pat, Hale, Jon, Skip, Chris, Scott, Woodsie, 
Lombard, Tim, Tom, JM, Dan, PT, TF, TD, The Van, The 
Chase, Spic I, Buzys, American All-Stars, The Cape, Mailbox, 
Baseball, Fays Swim, Bertini-Quiet, The Padonis, Some Girls 
— Some Dates, X-Mas At my house, I'm no Angel, The 
Cabana, Bowling — WI, Beach Day, Florida — 88, Hampton, 
Stogies, Gals — KT, TN, LS, Sues, AC, BS, LR 
FORGET: Fuchsia, Jimmys OTM, HH, Spuds, Old Spice, 
Food Fight, Just as Friends 

FAVORITE SAYING: "Thats Clutch" 
FUTURE: Eat, Drink, And Be Merry 

Susan Killilea 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1-4, Tennis 1-4, Secretary of the 
Class 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Productions 1, 2, Model Congress 4, 
Prom Committee 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4 

REMEMBER: MARI, family, MICHAEL, Kirsten, friends, 
Amy Jens, Laus, Sue, Beth, Cath, Trace, Kim, KA, DH, SK, 
TD, DC, PT, DM, JO, The Boys, 1/1/88 BC, Chelmsford, 
States, WBWC, Football games, 10/31/87, Sanibel, Cape, Ski 
Trips, Proms, Scans, Sum/86, Jr. Prom, Joe's car, FHC camp. 
Addition, Hot Tub 7/3/87, Talks w/Amy, Jen, Sue, LAU 2 
Prom Party, Humor, Fighting w/TD, Rd. Rabbit, COLt 
w/Rad Chris-Annes, Denises. 

FORGET: 10/26/87, Lynnfield, Dart. App., accidents, Haw. 

FUTURE: To Look Back At My Life At Age 95 And Say 

Cindy L. King 

ACTIVITIES: SADD 4, Peer leadership V Science Club 4, 
Vice President 2. 

REMEMBER: Family, Nikki, Doug, SC, LO, TG, SOU, kd, 
J M, dw, dp, KP. CS, AM, AC, KS, TS, SS, KC, M. Ms Mette, 
Mr J , jr Prom, Winn-kinni, King Ridge, Closets, Clubs. 
FORGET: Misunderstandings, Problems w/CS!, Hit List, and 
Any lights I've ever Had. 

FUTURE: To Do Whatever I Want, And Be The Best At 
Doing h 

Timothy B. Kumm 
ACTIVITIES: J.V. and Varsity Cross Country 
REMEMBER: Paul, Stephen, TF, Jm, JG JR, KC, JC, JL, 
Summer Volleyball, Bio Class, BO, PM, CC, Track Camp, Ski 

FORGET: Track Practice, L.O.B.T. PM, Car Accident, False 
Fire Alarms, PA Announcements, Bubbleheadncss, French, 1st 
Term Senior Year, Stupid 88 Haircuts. 
FUTURE: Go To College ami Being Successful 

Jennifer Labossiere 

REMEMBER: Family, Friends; De, Annette, Chrisanne, Lisa, 
Anne, Laura, Mel, LC, RH, LP, BS, Lipsync, Wollyworld, The 
Cliff, Tent Night, Flat Tire, proms, Sidewalk, New Year's 
"88 " ww3, Summer of 86, Newfound l.akc, Daytona Beach, 
Toga Night, Chrisannc's house 9/6/86, 10/25/86, girl talks, 
junior year, Parties, swings, SOAN 

FORGET: Fake Friends, Fights, Cliques, New Year's 87, Lies, 
week of 9/14/86 Bad Times 
FUTURE: To lie happy and successful 


Lisa LaRocque 
ACTIVITIES: Science Club (2) 

REMEMBER: Friends: Heather, Kerri, Kelli, CS, TB, KY, 
AM, JB, MW, CY, BK, JM, JO, DR, Winnie Kinnie, New 
England Aquarim, JR Prom, Chicken Dance, Studies, Science, 
Social, QM, Museum of Science, M&M's, Math Class, 

FORGET: Vans, orange M&M's, Ralph, KA, LF, Wilbur & 
Milly, Exams, "self," "3 Times," Fainting, "GAPO" 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Weekend show choir 


FUTURE: To become a flight attendent and go to Australia. 

Anne Law 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1, 2; Spring Track 1; Football 
Cheerleading 4; Homeroom Representative 1-4; Prom Com- 
mittee 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Drama Club 2, 3; Foreign Lang. Club 1, 


REMEMBER: Family, Jimmy, Maine, Chris, Anne, Dee, Jen, 
Mel, Kerri, LR, LD, AT, Alicia, HC — 9/5/86, KB — 
9/1 1/86, 9/14/86 Waily World, 15 Ctorinda Ave., the walk 
with C, Kerri's cottage girl talks, toilet talks, Lipsync, Stevie 
Nicks, The Captain, talks with Kate, Proms, Daytona, Hamp- 

FORGET: week of 9/21/85, Large Marge, Cliques, Oatillion, 

fights, BB, D's D, loosing too much, the advance, Library, 


FAVORITE SAYING: I'm freezing!!! 

FUTURE: To live life one day at a time and be happy. 

Stacey Ann Lee 


REMEMBER: Family, the good times with friends, my first 
car, my new house, trip to Greece and Italy, purity, Summer of 
"87," Junior Prom 

FORGET: final exams. Hit list, Math class 

PET PEEVE: people who are fake and don't be themselves. 


FAVORITE SAYING: "Hey bud," Be real, Thanks to my 
parents for everything, MC and KS 

FUTURE: Be the best at whatever I decide to be and meet the 
man I'll marry and to have a family 

Maria Liggiero 

REMEMBER: Rich (7/3/87) — ? family and friends, Jeanne, 
Christine Lisa, Melissa, Nikki, CR, SM, DS, RM, GB, DK, SD, 
Hampton Beach w/Rich Florida 87 w/LS, SF, JG, CF, Lisa's 
party "Dehemos Mom" Aliepo parrying w/friends, growing up 
w/CF and LS PON w/LS, Freshman year, BOS w/j, T and R, 
Summer of 86 double dating w/Jeanne DP*w/NG 
FORGET: Rich's accident, Fights w/Rich, Nikki and I getting 
blown off airport w/Lisa, worries, snobs, Elana 
FUTURE: Be rich and Happy with someone special 


Angela Lin 

ACTIVITIES: NHS, Track, Art Club 

REMEMBER: Michelle, Kristin, Heather, Kristie, Julie, 
Cyndi, Ron, Sharon, Steve?, Suz, Senior year, sixth period study, 
Art class, Class 87 — people who put up with me. Aerial wars in 
Pre-Calc, Nice teachers. 

FORGET: Bio, Chem, Anatomy — Mid Year, Etc., except 
Doogles "Le Grand Cercle" — ("Tres speciflque") Brady 
Bunch, "The Bottomless Pit," — TS, Ed K 
FAVORITE SAYING: My hairs a mess! 

Eric Lindgren 
ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1 
REMEMBER: Janine, CT, BL, MG, BH, KD, PS, DM, BR, 
DD, JB, CQ, JJ, TM, DC, SM. Thanks Ma and Dad for 
everything, all the good times with Janine, Lupo, BL, and CT, 
summer of "86" and "87," Computax, DAKA, Foods with 
Kimmel and Larry, nights at Melrose High School. 
FORGET: August 2, Plymouth Swinger. 
FUTURE: To be rich and live out my dreams. 
FAVORITE SAYING: "Get the !@#i out of here." 

Joseph E. Lineban 


ACTIVITIES: CC 1, 3-4, Wtrk 3-4, Sprtrk 1-4, Sccr 2,1 
Wildcat 3-4, (Editor, Cartoonist), Drama 3-4, Band 1-4, J 
Band 3-4 (Pres.), Boys' State 3, Ski Club 1-4, NHS 4,| 
Yearbook (Editor) 

REMEMBER: Family, Rick, and Mary, Josh, Jeff, Suzanne, 
Tim, MScott, Paulx2, Kristina, Heather, Jen, Kev, Steph, 
Woodb, Reh. for M, MrA, MrJ, Doc, MrsG, MissM, MsStJ, 
Frank, Deb, Bill (Sunday R), MrsMac, Nokomis, Terms Jb88, 
Vault, deckQuandt 

FORGET: Stress, pity trips, jealousy to JM, trk camp, PITS, 
late papers, DAGpodiunii Flem speeches, April, Frsh Eng, 
Astro, alone, portprep&applkations, pic in Spic, News advising, 
BigHeads, deadlines 

FUTURE: To be happy and topman at DC, "I'm hound dog!" 
— Fox and the Hound, Walt Disney 

Michael R. Lombard 

"Mike, Lumpa" 
ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1-4, Capt. 3-4, Cross-Country 3-4, 
Baseball '■ A — Pres. 4, National Honors Society 3-4 

REMEME mily, Friends, SUSAN, Tony, Ion, Keogan, 

Hale, Pere, is, TM 2 , PN, DW, DC, JM, Ralph, 

xlo$, The 

Year's 88, Par: 

Parent Jokes, 

Madmgns w/St 

Type 1 , Nova — 

FORGET: Wh,stl<-. 

Calc, Hills, TFJ, appl. 


FUTURE: To be healthy 

Chase, X-mas 87, BC, Buzzy's New 

Or. O, Larry, States, Keogan's, Yale, 

an M., Hampton, The Look and 

mnebago, Radio, Cmn Football, 

Vest, Photo 2. 

Moving the Colt, Park, Lots 
- rogo, 1-19, -2?, "Hey 

Melissa Ann Lyons 

ACTIVITIES: Football Cheering, Gymnastics, Dancing, DE- 

REMEMBER: Family, Allan 5/28/87, Friends, Carrieann, 
Colleen, S.M., C.S., J.G., CO., J.N., L.N., J.C., B.G., G.O., 
C.E., Mrs. C, T.K., T.M., T.R., Loved ones — Tracy — 
Hampton w/T.H., Tracy, and Todd, Halloween 86, Cape Cod 
87, New Year's Eve, 17th B-Day Party, Hampton, Ca Bashes, 
Cleanies Parties — Shirley — STFTHAGC 12/4/87, Lake 
Winn., Cheering 

FORGET: Cliques, Snobs, Fights, SATS, Mid terms, Finals 
FUTURE: To become successful in my career. Get married and 
have a family. Mom and Dad remember how much I will always 
love you 

Ron MacNeill 

"Rockin Ron" 
ACTIVITIES: Cross Country, Winter Track, Spring Track, 
Foreign Language Club, Workin Part-Time, N.H.S., Junior 

FRIENDS: Mag, Toni, John, Jay, Mike, Paul, Sue, Jen, Kim 
REMEMBER: MB, Kelley's Track Camp, Senior Dances, 
Chris's Party. 

FORGET: Mr. Di Sarcina's class, PA Announcements, the Red 
Sox losing the penant. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Finally getting a car that I always 
wanted, a red sleek Monte Carlo 2/25/88. 
FUTURE: To take up engineering at the University of Lowell. I 
will never fofget all the wonderful gym classes I had!! 


Joe Magliozzi 


Soccer 1-4, Hockey, 1-4, Baseball 1-2, OEA, Yearbook 
REMEMBER: Family, Friends, The Chase, Chris-Anne's 
5/24/86, Parries, Hockey-Stares, #10, Mr. Cullen, soccer, Mr. 
Scanlon, Girls, The Van of Love, Bowling — W.I., Mr. K, 
Sophomore year, Pumpkining, Marrhas Vineyard, Moped, 
Summers, Pools, tents, Away, Proms, Cookouts, WHS, All the 
Good times. 

FORGET: Certain People, 3/25/87, B.S., Going to Wakefield 
Lake, Rag Sessions, "The Noise," "On the Line," Worries. 
FAVORITE SAYING: "This is Madness" 
FUTURE: "A very good one" 

Paul Mai ell a 

Cross-Country 4, Winter Track 2, Spring Track 3 

REMEMBER: Steve, Tim, Paul, EB, MO, KP, JM, CP, MM, 
KB, MF, OK, AJ, DT, Cross-country, Camp at the Cape (86) 
(87) 86 Cross-Country Season Mr. Kelley, Mr. Cripps, TS GT 
Ted, Glenn M. 

FORGET: Accounring with MR. L. Falling Down At the skate 
meet (87) BH1 and BH2, Knee Injury Hills at Town Park, 
Cross-Country (87!) 

FUTURE: To graduate from college and become independent 
— so I can live out West in the Mountains. 

Steven A. Mann 

REMEMBER: Carolyn, Allan, Missy, Craig, Carrie Ann, Shlep, 
Colleen, Sue, CO, JN, TM, AL, DH, X2, HC, Ac, LD, Tr, MC, 
Jd, JS, BS, PB, BS, Journey Concerts, New Years Eves, 87-88, 
Parties, College Biology, Jr. Prom 7/26/87, Del Crew, Snow- 
banks, The venturas, Spring Break at Hampton Beach 87, 
Drafting Talk, Dwayne's Aggravations 

FORGET: Prd. 1, English, Report Cards, Stone Walk, Cem- 

FUTURE: To be as rich as I can possibly be. 


i, ■ 

Mario Martinello 
Hockey 4, Baseball 3, Soccer 1, ECA 1, J. A. 1 
REMEMBER: Lester, Chris, Dave, Dale, SM, KB, JC, CS, LE, 
Rico, Pm, Geno, Dick, SS, 409, Dales Party, SK, Mobiling, 
State tournament, Hawks, Cape Cod, Canada, E math Fairy, 
South Boston Brawl 

FORGET: 52 Seconds, SATS, Exams, First Day of School, 4 
A.M. practices, Broken Arm, Crutches, KT 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior Sign Out Day 

FUTURE: Finish College and Become a Millionaire. 

Cindy McCann 

Field hockey 1 

REMEMBER: Family, Mike, Jean, Michelle, Sandy, Robin, 
Rhonda, Nancyne, Kris, Brain, Jen, Lisa, Cindy's, Sherri, Mar- 
ion, T.H., L.S., J.F., Larbar, R.P., 11/14/87, Chinese food 
night, Lisa, Gil's party, Marion's street, Ext., 12/23/87, 
Hampton, Limo 

FORGET: Boring nighrs, freshman year, fights 

FAVORITE SAYING: "You're a jerk!" 

FUTURE: To be rich and successful 

Daniel P. McConologue 

"Dan Monk" 

REMEMBER: Family, Friends, MX., J.O., D.H., T.M. X2, 
P.N., D.W., S.M., S.K., Skippy, C.A., T.D., DC, Van, Pete's 
Pinto, Jokes, Money, Hampton, Eng, Geno, The Girls, X-rnas 
87 at Kirbs, Tuff, Big 5-24-86, Soph summer, Parent jokes, the 
West, Bertini's class, 5 bucks, parties, Common Football, So- 

FORGET: The tough times, Calc, Putting it off, Parking lots, 
Driving no place to go, TFJ, Applications 

FUTURE: To become wealthy, and to enjoy life to the fullest 


Charles McEwen 
ACTIVITIES: Baseball 4 
FORGET: The "Mic Mic" 


Susan McFadyen 
ACTIVITIES: Winter Track 1-4 Captain, Spring Track 1-4, 
Field Hockey 2-4, Model Congress 4, Student Advisor to the 
School Committee 4, Class Rep. 1-4. 

REMEMBER: Family, Grandparents, Growing up with Lau, 
Trac, Cath, Dan, Jenns, Amy, Laus, Kim, Beth. Sue, Jonathan, 
THE BOYS, 29ers, Tenr Night, SOAN, Campbells, U Mass- 
220, Bahamas, 'HANG IT UP," 143, Cape, FHchamps, Track 
— Mr. Keiley, Summer with TP, FTML, Concerrs 'Journey and 
Prince, New Year's 88, Sean and Van-of-love, Sun. River, 
Cartway, Minn, Labor Day Weekend 86, Prom and Weekend, 
Fribbled, Taking off with'|R, Obviously," Trips, All GOOD 

FORGET: "We Think We Know," 6 a.m.-l, Big L, Falls, 
Mind Games. 
FUTURE: The Sky's the limit! 

Bernard J. McOovern 

ACTIVITIES: Football 4, Wtestling 
REMEMBER: Sully, Cosra. Bob, Tim, CJ, Dog, Dick, Sean, 
Lou, Foorball Camp Waukuta, Central Catholic Game, Thanks- 
giving Game, Cindy, New Year's Eve at Brensters, Saturday 

FORGET: Freddie, CJ's Big Mouth, MSB In School Sus- 
pention, Detention, Police, Getting in Trouble, Mr. Flemings 
Rediculous Rules of his institution. 

FAVORITE SAYING: Don't worry about it, NO Problem 
FUTURE: Move to Gilifornia, live the laid back life on the 
Beach and have a good time! 


Pus 2, Student 

Council. Yearbook 

REMEMBER: Family. I', | -'. Dart, Terri, 

Beth, Laurie, Robin. Mill.,. | — i|\V>, 

(surfboard sessions), Nil — Bi g — (S/R) 

bunk beds, KVT, Fi Softball, X I K-Car, FA 

v. 'Brett, Guiigan s Island, Pool hop, I'AMH. murphdog, Mun- 
seal, PIT, D bag Niagra, Fw/m, soph, (6 JO AM-smell) WIS 

FORGET: (<I)A. Dawn Brimmer, windowsill, pink room. 
Night, Jl. LCBBICR, \X iv Owl, mono, payments, 
Hill. J/29/87 

FUTURE: To pack 'em all!' 

Joseph P. McMenimen 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1-4, BasebaU 1-4. Year- 

REMEMBER: Family, Joseph, Ktiks 3/3/87, Scott, Tim, 
Tom, Skip, Dan, Keogan, Mag, Mike, Hale, Pat, Mond, Pete, 
Chris, Jon, Tony, and all the guys, the girls, the Parties, 
pumpkining. Tent night, Sophomore Summer. The All Night- 
er, AC/CD, Whitesnake, States, Jackball, Dick, Bigboy, Doc, 
Beer cans. Long talks with MP, the Van, Parent Jokes, "Go get 
him before he hurts himself," Sociology 

FORGET: Brady Activities, not being a team player, Ma's 
SCOREBOOKS, circuits, Screw ups, funruns, Big JIMMY 
SAYING: That's what I heard 

G. Scott McMillan 

"Scott, Mick" 

ACTIVITIES: Hockey 1, 2, 4, Baseball 1-4, Football I 
Basketball 3, Golf 3, Yearbook 4 

REMEMBER: STATES, haircuts, Morans, DC, CA, SK, DW 
PN, JM, DH, DAN, DM, JM, Some Girls, Southie Brawl, Spi. 
1, Maliday, Junior Prom, Kristin, All-Star Game, Concerts 
AC/DC, The Snake, DP, Alice Cooper, Lynard Skynard, #16 
The Malibeater, Padonis, Hampton, Eating Pizza, THINK 
DINKUM, Pillow PoUo Champs, Kirby's XMAS, Green Line 

FORGET: Bradies, 51 seconds, ISS, Sledding, tickers, Runrun; 
out of gas, mind games, Summer of 85, Parking lots, 5arr 
Practice, her 


Susan McNeil 
ACTIVITIES: Foreign Language, DECA 

REMEMBER: Family, Mark, Ireland, Canada, N.H., Colleen, 

Lynn. Laurie, Sharon, Chris, MC, KB, ML, ML, SM, CP, MM, 

JC, CC, PC, and 5-1-87, Summer of 85, Fences, Journey, Bon 

Jovi, Madonna, Dec vaca 87, ISS, Skiing in the rain, Mark's 

Party and Revere Beach 

FORGET: JEM, GSP, 12-31-86, Fights, MP, AS, AD, BP, 

Bradys 10-31-85, and Junior Prom. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Bon Jovi Concert 


FUTURE: To own my own hairstyling salon 

Kristina Me/ilse 


REMEMBER: Randy, Shelley, Janet, Raylene, Nov. 3 85 
Summer of 86, Maine, Monte SS, Family, Butchie, Justine, 
Randy, Rhodes, Parties at Sheas and Randys, Dec. 24, 87, Jan 
19, 86. 

FORGET: Fights with mom over school, end of summer of 87, 
exams, gym classes, detentions 


FUTURE: To go on to school and be a computer operator and 
marry Randy and have a wonderful future also have a baby boy 
named Randy Jr. 

Tanya Merten 

"Airhead" . 

ACTIVITIES: Track I, Foreign Language Club 1, 2 

REMEMBER: Cheryl, Amy, Julie, Allan, Steve, ML, CH, CS, 
Rick D, Marblehead, Del crew, Halloween '87, Florida '86, 
Amy's party, parties, Brighams 

FORGET: Raymond NH 2/20, ISS, cliques, Brighams in 
Rockport, Hit list, accidents, red lights, T.J. Maxx, Burger 
King, RR tracks 

FUTURE: Go to college and be successful 

SAYING: "O my God!" 

Laura Minchello 

ACTIVITIES: Volleyball 2, Basketball Cheering 2, Spring 
Track 2, Football Cheering 3, 4, Prom Committee, Model 
Congress, Math Honor Society, Drama Club 
REMEMBER: Family, Friends, Kim, Jen's, Lau's, Tra, Cathy, 
Sue's, Beth, Amy, Cape Cod, Camp Wingate, Pirates cove, 
Moped accident w/Kim, Cheering with LD, NS, Mrs. c. 
Fribbled, Ant song, 1ROC, Jr Prom, Concerts, parties, Sean's, 
toga, Sunday River, Soan, Boys of 88, New Year's '88:, 
Halloween '87, Bahamas, Cartway, Central 9/19/87 

FORGET: Glenn 588-gag, car troubles, hitting skip, getting 
hit, take friends, CWCK, Antigone, TMTB, Sat's, try-outs 

FUTURE: To be happy and successful in whatever I do. 

Thomas Moran 

"Tom (Fetus)" 

ACTIVITIES: Ftbl, 1, 2, Bsbl, 1, 2, 3, 4, Bskbl, 1, 2, 3 
4, Sr. Prom Committee, Jr. Rotarian 

REMEMBER: Family, Dave 2 , Scott, Sean, Pat, Chris, Dan, 
Joe", Pete, Mike, other friends, Cape, West Pt., Pumpkins, Otis 
Day and Knights, Purity Inv., Haverhill:()4, Dances, bigboy, 
LFC, summer ball, 5/16/87, states, Caddy's, 88 Day Party, 
Lowell, Tewsbury 88, Photo 1, Whitesnake, Proto's, Rich's, 

FORGET: Fun runs, File it, finals, SAT's, driving around, 
Soph, year, morning practice, Andover, Geometry, French 4, 
applications, losing. 

FUTURE: To be successful and finish college and make people 
believe that I'm oldest! "Ha Willie!" 

Timothy Moran 



ACTIVITIES: Hockey 1-3: Capt. 4, Baseball 1-4, Footbal 
Jt. Rotarion 

REMEMBER: Family, friends Scott, Dave, Chuck, gooch, Dan 
JM, PT, Cape, Westpoint, Hampton Beach, "Otis," pumpkins, 
Halloween, Spanish 1, Pool hopping, think dinkum, New Years 
LFT, psinv, guy talks, lost weekends, SOHO, States Hockey 88, 
Lawrence 4gs, 88day party 

FORGET: Cliques, Bradys, break-ups, early morning hockey 

practices, Tewksbury, Chelmsford, Homecoming 86, bad times 


FAVORITE SAYING: Party On, It wasn't me. 

FUTURE: College and to be successful, also to find out I'm 

older than Tom!! 


Brian Morin 


FRIENDS: Kris, Bob, Stiffy, Cindy, Chuck, Sully 
Dwight, Dwayne, Melanie, Sandy 

REMEMBER: Panies at Srephens 

FORGET: My olds accidents, speeding tickets, failing math 

Report cards, Wilmington High School 

FUTURE: Get a good job and make big dollars. 

Elizabeth Anne Morris 

Liz, Lix" 

ACTIVITIES: DECA 3-4, Secretary of DECA 3, Softball 1-2, 
Flag Squad 1, Ski Club 3, Prom Committee 3, Yearbook 4 
REMEMBER: Family, Jen, DR, DR, JC, JF, AT, LR, Bs, LO, 
SS, MR, CS, My beloved TO, JK, etc., Sadie, Alfie, Mosey, 
Toby, Cape, 34 MATC, Summers FL/GA, Dancing, NYE 88, 
B-days of 87, Hampton, WCWIS, CFC, NTR, Getting caught 
all-nts, Papa's, Cherries, Wake-up calls, Huh?, Exs, Wknds, 
OOW, Minm, Shadow, WIS, Ski trips, Pit, FshFb, Netta's, 
Stalled, Plaza, "Talks," Mon talk w/DR, JR Prom Wknd, 
Bstn, UMass plans, Jen, we're even!" 

FAVORITE SAYING: "You'll never believe what happened 
to me last night!" 

FUTURE: To own a chain of hotels in the Bahamas. 

Charles J. Mu/ik 

REMEMBER: Family, Mon, Don, Sean, Scott, Jeff, Dan 

Stcuc, Shop. Florida, Calif., Mr. Whippy's, New Year's 88 


FORGET: WHS. Prison, Accident, Fights, Rich 

FUTURF G« a successful job and get RICH 

FAV YING: "Its casual 

Melissa Mullen 
ACTIVITIES: Volleyball 1-4, Basketball 1-2, Softball 1-4 
REMEMBER: Family, Erwins, Friends, Dee, Raz, Keri, Anne, 
Jen, Chris Anne, Lau, Net, THE BOYS, Andy, Ski-Haus, 
Skippy's flat tire, Lip sync, Maliday, Tulls parties, all nightcrs, 
Sneaking around, proms, Glouster, beaches, Daytona, 88 day 
party, horror, Wally World, parties, BUD, Tents — 5-24-86, 
Soph. Sum, Skiing w/MW, CR, RV, New Year's Eve, toga, 
Campbells, Dicks classes, pumpkinin, talks, Caswell, WW3, 
Jokes, Fr. SBL, K-car 

FORGET: TDA, lies!, fights, getting caught, WPD, Omar, 

FAVORITE SAYING: What the --?" 
FUTURE: To survive 

Stacey Morse 


Jeff Murphy 
"The Dog" 

ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 
1, 2, Varsity Golf 3, 4, N.H.S. 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama 
Club 4, School Play 4, "Rehearsal For Murder," Deca 3 

FRIENDS: Smith, Donna, Kelli, Tiff, Michelle, Dez, Liz, Jen's, 

Joe's, Mike, Storm, Matt, Heidi, Suzanne, DW, PM, RJ, JR, 



REMEMBER: Nokoms, Surpise Parties, The Knife, Us Five, 

Ski Trips, Bog Beast, "Do Doopy Do," Sledin' at Levin, Proms, 

"Le Satre Du Primtemps" (George) 1/23/88, "Hoop," Golf, 

The Jam in The Gym, S'YZ, "Alex and Karen," Dot Pedersen, 

Japan, Tangle wood, Phoenix 

FAVORITE SAYING: "Thai piece looks!" 

FUTURE: Graduate from Harvard' Play drums for David Lee 


Patrick B. Natly 


ACTIVITIES: Ftbl. 1-3, Capt. 4, Basketball 1-4, Baseball 1-4, 
3 Amigos Tri-Capt. 

REMEMBER: Family, Tracy, 10/1 1/85, Times with Tracy, 

FRIENDS: SK, l)W, TF, CJ CA, JO, DH, DS, SM, TM 2 , 
Dc 2 , ML, TD, PT, DM, JM 5 , CP, MG, DO, EVERYONE 
ELSE, All the girls, the football team, The Naimo's. Conners 
with Woods, Campbells, Brutus, Wakuta, Bowling — Wl, The 
Cape, Miane, the grab, the states, 3 Amigos, 5:25, Fay's swim, 
the Van, Soan 

FORGET: 1/18/1, the whistle, SCOREBOARD, No gas. 

FUTURE: To be happy and successful 

Heather Neill 
ACTIVITIES: Science Club 2, Medical Careers Club 2 
FRIENDS: Lisa, Keili, Kerri, CY, Triana, JB, Cindi.JM, the 

REMEMBER:pencils, m+m's, museum of science, Studies, 
QM, PB, TB party, my book, good times, YPP, Field trips. 
FORGET; fights, tears shed, Exams, spring water, "self," KA, 
RW, Wilbur and Millie, CS 
FAVORITE MEMORY: prom and being a senior 

FUTURE: to go to college and maybe become a psychologist. 
Get married and have a good life. 

Craig E. Nelson 

Teresa Murray 

"Terry, Brute" 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer 2-4, Softball 1-4, Foreign language 1, 
Ski Club 1-2 

REMEMBER: Family, Kristen, Cat, Missy, Kim, DEZ, Cindy, 
Alicia, LM, JC, BS, JC, MS, AH, LB, ZEUS, 2/15/88, 
DeMoulas, Physics, "Wild Woman," Halloween 87, Weeble, 
Soccer, Softball, 2/14/88, McDonalds, 12/31/87, New Year's 
Eve 12:00, M, "The Blue Spot," Parties, Proms, Florida, 
Canada, Eduardo, Movies 


FORGET: First day of freshman year, Calculus, History 

FUTURE: Finish college, Start a career and live a long, happy 

James Murray, Jr. 
"Jim, Feetsy" 
ACTIVITIES: Hockey 1-3, Capt. 4, Football I, 3, Baseball 1 
REMEMBER: Family, Anne, Friends, The Potes, Rocco, Pete, 
Tom, Dave, Brian, Fred, Tim, Bill, T-B one, York, Hampton, 
B&B, N/O/M&M, AH the horror over the yrs, Sox, HC, VW, 
JD, States, Bud, 6 a.m., Monte SS, Long nights of Diesel power, 
Maine, All nighters, HWTATAM 

FORGET: Fights w/Annc, WPD-WDC, 6/23/87, The Next 
Morning, GP/w/Anne, Losing, Pain, Blue Line to Blue Line, 5 
a.m. practices, Mrs. Lee and 1SS, Cheap people afraid to let go of 
a buck! 

FUTURE: Be rich and own all the toys I want. 

Tracy-Lee Naimo 

ACTIVITIES: Volleyball 1, Tennis 2, Foreign Lang. 1, 2, Prom 

REMEMBER: Mom and Dad, Patrick, 10/11/85, family, 
good times with Pat, Gloria, Nana, times with Kim, Lau Jen , 
Sue , Beth, Amy, Cath, Jon, Sean, all the boys, Cape Cod 
86+87, Florida, Marshfield, New Year's 86-88, Murray's Camp 
Grounds, J+S proms. Toga, Van of Love, Campbell's party, 
Halloween 87, Incognito, Maine, Keri's condo, The Nally's, 
John, growing up with Lau + Sue, Lynn with KT + BS. 
Bahamas 88, WWR, TDA, FB games. 

FORGET: NS, Boring nights, Spanish, SAT'S, Sue's party 


FUTURE: To be happy, successful and have all my dreams 
come true. 




Julie Newbouse 

Lynn Newbouse 
ACTIVITIES: J. V. Field Hockey, Freshman Basketball, Junior 
Achievement 2, 3, 4, Business Basics 2, 3 
REMEMBER: Family, Jason, Susan, Colleen, Lisa, Missy, 
Carrie Ann, Tiffany, Kelli, Julie, Cheryl, Alicia, CE, Jim + Ann, 
DR, LM, M+MS, Whoppers, Revere Beach, (MM+LR) Parties, 
Wean on Me, Prom, Homecoming, Dancing (KB + SM), Bon 
Jove, 11/25/87, JCP's, friends, weekends. 

FORGET: Brady Bunch, Sweet 16, Sophomore year. Finals, 
BS, trouble, 4 AM, Cindy's House. 

FUTURE: Go to college and become a teacher. Thanks Mom 
and Dad!!! 

Catherine L. Nistico 
ACTIVITIES: Volleyball 1-4, Basketball 1-2, Tennis 1-4, 
Homeroom Representative, Student Council 3-4, Foreign Lan- 
guage Club 1-2, Jr and Sr Prom Committee, Model Congress, 
Yearbook Club 

REMEMBER: Family, Amy, Marl, Laus, Sues, Jens, Beth, 
Tracy, Amy, Kim, The Boys, Tennis/MATS — 7/10/87, 
WIS, TD, Pumpkins, Stow, SOAN, D&Ds, Fribbled, Circle, 
Restaurant, Canada 87, up-side-down room, Stewatt, 
UMADD-220, Cartway, Jr. Prom/beach, PS-games, IRA, Iroc, 
BC, C-Wingate, Campbells, Camp Wingate, Iroc, Hang it up, 
IRA, Concerts BA, Journey, Boston, XOUT, Alepo, Bahamas, 
Sunday River. 

FORGET: On the line, car on fire, SATS, stress, 2,000 wotds. 
FUTURE: Happiness, Prince Charming, Success. 

Shelley O'Connell 

Cheryl Lynn Oales 


ACTIVITIES: Track Freshman Year, Tennis 1 and 2 

FRIENDS: Julie, Missy, Lynn, CJ, SC, AT, SM, TM, AL, CH, 

REMEMBER: Ski Trip To Italy, Nov. 13, 1987, fun times at 
work and last, but not least Craig Mac Elhiney. 

FORGET: The beach, 4/1/87, 9/28/87, 8/7/87, The Brady 
Bunch, Math. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Nov 13. 1987, Skiing, February 

FAVORITE SAYING: Geek. You poor baby! 

FUTURE: To have a successful job, Make a lot of money, and 
marry ( raig Mac F.lhincy! 

Jonathan J. Oliver 
"Johnny OH" 
ACTIVITIES: Fr. President, Fr. Football, Fr. Basketball, JV. 
Soccer 2, JV. Basketball 2, 3, Varsity Soccer 3, 4, Varsity 
Basketball 4, 3 Amigo Tri Capt, Model Congress, Comedy Club 
REMEMBER: Mom, Dad, Jay, Grandparents, Uncle Mike, 

FRIENDS: Lorn, Kirb, Hale, Allen, Tony, Sue, Pat & Trace, 
Big Tif, Lauren, Moe, Caddy, Monk, TF, Mag, TD, Cosgroves, 
BC, DW, KT, CN, JC, LM. LR. JR. BS. SK, CE, AC, LC, TD, 
DP, LC, BB, DM, Skip, Larry Doc, Winscan; Natolis; parties, 
2-24-87, 3a5: 25, Shase/Van, 35. Proms 2-28-88, 1-1-88, 
Hampton, Fl, HH, Truck, Hey Lombard, Jokes, names, seish, 
8th grade Trip, X-mas 87, WCC, HCC, MBB, Play, All the 
good times and All my ftiends 
SAYING: What r u doing may 20? 
FUTURE: To change the world. 


Tiffany Jean Outridge 

riVITlES: Gymnastics 1, Winter TRK 2, 3, Spring TRK 
1, 2, Math Honors Society, Prom Committee, Model Congress, 
Foreign Lang. Treas. 3 

REMEMBER: Family, Ronnie 8/1/87, KP'S and Smittles, 
Dez, Michelle "You batch," Jonathan, Jen c, Cat the Rat, Jeff 
"The bell Rang," Liz "The Molester," Cindy, Donna, Alicia, 
Lynn, Kim, Monkees, Wk/ends at Ac Y&Bm/G, Sandwich, 
"Someday 1/17/88," Prom, Daves bum, E-Wolf, Hurdles 
with Dortce Art, Singing in the Opel, Filene's TT, Ap His, 
"Boo!", "Hi, my name is," Joybee, "We be not caring!", "The 
Roof W/Scott," "Ted." 
FUTURE: To be infinitely Happy. 
SAYING: What the hell? 

Stephen G. Pasquale 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1, Track 1, 2 

REMEMBER: Family, Friends, Vinniez, Slalf, Mark, Eric, 
Palace Demoulas, Alaska, Canobie Lake, D&D, English Town 
Olds cutlass, T-Bird, 4 Wheeling in a thunder storm, Lawn 
wrecking, masquerade Aunt and Uncles Wedding, Jim's party. 
FORGET: Fights, Break-ups, head games accidents, Woburn, 
Jr. Prom, 2/8/88, Finals 

FUTURE: To be successful in anything I do and own a house in 
the country. 

David Patterson 


ACTIVITIES: Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Winter Track 1, 2, 3, 4, 
Cross Country 1, National Honor Society 3, 4, Math Honor 
Society 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 
4, Foreign Language Club 1,2, Model Congress 4 

REMEMBER: Family, friends; CP, MM. JR, DW, TD, ML, 
JM, PD, California, U Mass, MC at AIC, Junior Prom, Hamp- 
ton, Doc 86-87, Mr. Kelly, Fryin flies, Maine 86-87, BD, MP, 
TM, BH, STLTWYB, concerts, food fight at old Orchard, 
Buckten, MCI, Myst, Lks., BN, Tim's Boat, slalom skiing. 
FORGET: Practice at J.J S, stalling out, Calic Midyear triple 
jump, applications, dregs, F.G. Posters, Maine Bikers 
FUTURE: To survive college and get a job where I can be 
happy and successful. 

Kelli Pazyra 


ACTIVITIES: Cheering 2, 3, Capt, 4. Gymnastics 1, 2, Capt. 
3, Yearbook, DECA, (Secretary), Model Congress, Prom Com- 

REMEMBER: Family, Tiff, Smittles, Michelle, Dez, Jeff, Don- 
na, Liz, LN, Cat the Rat, Cindy, Alicia, Lynn, Bets, JD, MJ, 
TM, KB, LG, and my nickname, JM, Kim, Africa, Cheering, 
Filene's (TT), Y and B m/g, singing in the opel, Hi, my name is 
. . ., the natural (RR), Surprise parties, (Dad), New deck, ahh!, 
Boo!, Swing, Evcrly sisters, Joy Bee, senior secret, sledin at leven, 
we be food, Elvis, Summer of '87, rnarshmallow, Ted, -19-, . . . 
FUTURE: To be happy. 
SAYING: "Look, my socks match!" 

Douglas B. Peak 

"Karate Kid" 

ACTIVITIES: Peer Leadership, SADD, Science Club, N.H.S., 
Math Honor Society, Medical Careers Club. 

FRIENDS: "The Gang" and Everyone 

REMEMBER: Christmas Social, Races Down Wildwood 
Street, sit down, strikes, macs with Ptf 

Melissa Perez 

REMEMBER: Family, Gramp, Robbie, 10/25/86, Friends: 
Barbara, Jeanne, Janice, Christine, Maria, Lisa, Denise. Good 
times with Robbie, Hampton, Skiing, Sunday River, JR Bunk, 
WIS-Niagra, Good times w/friends. 

FORGET: Accidents, Mem. Day '87, Fights w/Robbie, GP, 
Two faced people, Pajama draw, 2000 words — CN, Mistakes. 

FAVORITE SAYING: "Yeah, no kidding." 

FUTURE: To be happy and successful with whatever I do. 


Kristie Lynne Phillips 
ACTIVITIES: Track, SADD, Medical Careers Club, Science 

REMEMBER: Rob, Cindi, Winnie, KP, KS, Oct. 17, 1984, 
gd. rimes w/Rob, boxing and Tickle fgts., all proms and 
Benson's, dinners out, kiki, firsc kiss at Kristen's party, malls, 
Cindi's sleepover, winykiny, hair and pillow fgts., Winnie, Mr. 
Breakey, 9th gr. track, 100% lean, tiki, torture, getting license, 
car, McD's and twirly bird. Family and Angus and PJ and Wiz. 
FORGET: losing loved ones, growing apart, divorce, THE 
PARTY, FIGHTS w/people. 

FUTURE: Make a lot of money, travel, marry after college, Be 
happy and stop worrying, and to accept myself as is. 

SAYING: "Are you serious?" 

Raylene Marie Piretti 


REMEMBER; Family, Naomi, Janet, Amy, Sean, Chip, 
Randy, Ken, Conway, TB, PJ, AK, BT, KT, MC, KS, SO, KM, 
TEWKSBURY, Lawrence, Runs, BUD, 2/16/87, Skiing at 
Loon w/Lisa, Todd, Chip — Lisa's pocketbook incident, Jr. 
Prom, partying at Pete's trailer in Maine, Jr. Skip days and never 
getting caught (talks 6/12/87, 8/8/87). 

FORGET: The 4 DB's, Wilmington High, teaching Janet to 
ski, 12/11/87 w/BT Tewksbury Dump, Comparing tans 
w/Todd, Accidents, rude people. 
FAVORITE SAYING: "Oh, sounds like fun!" 
FUTURE; To become a photographer. 

Deanna Marie Polizzotti 

"Dee Dee, Baby Beaker" 

ACTTVITIES: Gymnastics 3, Lacrosse 2, Foteign Language 2, 
SADD 2, Peer Leadership 2 

REMEMBER: Family, Brian, Friends, ST. Games, My New 
Year's Eve Party, Learning to water ski, Summer of "87" in 
Franklin and Salem N.H., Gym with Captain Krupa, Snow 
football games, 7/31/87 

FAVORITE MEMORY: February 13-14, 1988. 
FAVORITE SAYINGS: God you people!, I love you too 
FUTURE: Go to New England College, Get married, and 
enjoy life. 

Christopher Pozzi 
ACTIVITIES: Soccer 4, Spring Track 1, DECA 1, Ja 1, Ski 
Club 2 

REMEMBER: Jeff, Rio, Dave, PM, SS, Kristen, Donna, 
Cindy, Kim, Liz, Dez, BS, PS, Ski trips, Bob, Dale, The Ski 
Doo, "409," Mthf, Janice, Rico, CJ, SM, JG, Geno, Dick, Mr. 
D, Gina, Ernesto, CR 

FORGET: SAT's, Broom Hilda, Driving Record, Math, Ricos 
Theories, Injuries 

FUTURE: A career in law enforcement 

Kristin Pittaro 
"Kris," "B-B" 

ACTIVITIES: Sadd 4, Peer Counseling 3, Science Club 4, 

Foreign Language 3 


REMEMBER: Family, My Many cars, Joe, 6/8/87, The ring, 
Canada, The countdown, Learning the art of slipping, Channel 
22, Nights at Bill and Bobs, Parties, Summer of 86 

FORGET: The four years at W.H.S., The breakups, The 

FAVORITE SAYINGS: What be happening!, I love him! 

FUTURE: To finish college, get married, and move somewhere 

Heather Prince 

ACTIVITIES: Foreign Language Club 3, J.V. Tennis 3, Varsity 
Tennis 4, N.H.S. 1, M.H.S. 1, OEA 1 
FRIENDS: Julie, Michele, Donna, KM, TM, SC, AL, KS, The 
Best: RP, WT, SM, CW, 17th Birthday, Friday, Lunches, Doc 
in Physics Junior Prom "87" Def Leppard, Skipping and 

THE WORST: Drivers License test, Demoulas, Mondays, 
Calculus exams, Gym Class, Tatdiness, the West, The "Bradys" 


FUTURE: Get Through 4 years of college, Start my own 

business, and make enough money to travel the world 



Jennifer Proctor 


REMEMBER: Family, Friends: Lisa, Leslie, Kerry, Kerri, Lori, 
Deanna, KT, DC, JF, LC, LT, GB, KB, Anyone else I forgot, 
and the guys, BJC, P&E, Parties, 5/15/87, McDonalds, Nas- 
tasi's turnovers, cottage, 2/2/87 Races, X at hudson, water- 
skiing, 6th period math class, 2/1/87, 9/1/87, 8/8/87, The 
Shawsheen Tech Games 

FORGET: 8/12/82, 4/21/87 

FAVORITE SAYING: I'm so srudid 

FUTURE: attend college and be successful, own a T.A, all 
supped up, get Married, and live happily. Go on a trip after 
graduation w/LT, LT and DP 

Charlie Protopapas 


REMEMBER: Family, friends, Rich, Laurie, Brian, Gouch, 
Tim, Tom, Dave, Mikie, Kim, Tiffany, 1 1-22, Mellissa, Deana, 
Utah, D+D. ski shop, Sugar Loaf, Soho, Vinyard, Acton 
Boxborrow Game, Murray's party weekend 

FORGET: Double sessions, Hothead, Mona, Losing to Tew- 
sbury, NY. party, Riche's accident 

FAVORITE SAYING: How ya doing? 

FUTURE: To graduate, take a year off and travel, go to college, 

graduate again, sork, maybe eventually get married and settle 


Brenda Ramsdell 

REMEMBER: Good times with Angie; December 17, 86, 
Martin, AW, KT, JW, JP, TE, BD, KK, AK, RP, KL, KP, SO, 

FORGET: Bad times, getting in trouble, people I despise 

FAVORITE SAYING: Jamaican Bongo dancer; otay buck 
toes; how's your bag? 

FUTURE: Becoming a cosmetologist and being an awesome 

Lisa Marie Raso 

"Raz; Leela" 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1, Basketball 1, 2, Soccer 3, 
Football Cheerleading 4, Yearbook 4 

REMEMBER: Nana, Family, Friends, TB, MM, AT, LD, LM, 
BS, RA, DF, PB, MC, DG, EB, RH, SW, The boys AL, JL, JC, 
JA, AC, DC, LLE, BL, MR, Kristin and Todd, Cherries flat tire. 
Toga, MAINE, sneaking out, Cambell's, Proms, parties, Lip 
Sync, B-days, 88 Day Party, talks, 8/18/87, swings, pits, times 
with JandM, new years, Hockey games, 9/20/87, good times, 
Bee, Bud, SWB 

FORGET:GBO, fake friends, accidents "87," Tree, worrying, 

spins, 7/6/86 

FUTURE: To be happy, wealthy, and wise 

FAVORITE SAYING: "Do you know what I mean?" 

Darlene Puma 

REMEMBER: family, Gramma, John, Terri, Lau, Beth, Nic, 
Rob, Lis, FW, NM, MD, TD, MM, RK, SL, ES, BS, SV, 
Sophomore year at B&B, BC, Lake, HC, Lag, Gaw/RK, SWT1, 
TFKJ, PP, TOT/M, Stupid plans with TE, BO's, L2AI, DD, 
HVN, TTD, BSAB, X/L AND POOL HOP with Nic, S-tks & 
reg with Lau, D/Lau & Beth, 3/2/87 & 9, Montreal, D&J's 
house, MA, GI, Doo/, 1 1/21/87 — WOJB —John, Summer 
of 86 a + Sue, BF at J's Camp, CAPE, UM, SE, BLUE 

FORGET: 2/21/84, BO, FT, PF, WE, WSOP-SN, NM, 
Bagel Nite, lies, The morning After with Lau 

FUTURE: To live on an island in the Tropics and maybe 
someday get married. 

Donna Lee Ribeiro 


ACTIVITIES: DECA 3, 4, School Play 2, Mr. Krupa Fan Club, 
Skipping 1-4 

REMEMBER: Jesus, Lenny (8/25/86). family, Suprenants, 
Kelly, Liz, Michelle, Jeff, Kelli, Christina Balinas, Dez, Margie, 
Tiff, CP, HP, JK, JD, KS, JW, TQ, AC, Youth Group, JFM, 
Jr. Prom '87, US 5, Canobie, Beach, "get-to-gethers," moun- 
tains, camp, retreats, N'Orleans, Cape, Skipping, 1/23/88 
(9:30), Tina's, 4/8/87, hey!, senior secret, chocolate! Boston 

FORGET: guys B4 LRS (ILY!), tent, 3/14/88, 4/7/87. 
FUTURE: To marry Len and be happy. 
SAYING: "No. No. No." Good Luck Everyone. 



Catbleen A. Richardson 

REMEMBER: Craig, Family, Cindy, Tammy, Gail. Sharon, 
Scotr, David, Pete, John, Paul, Evan, B.C. Games, Boston, Bon 
Jovi, Heart, Rob's Party's, Friday nights with T.R. and C.R., 
Evan's Partys, May 15, 1987. 
FORGET: Having Mono, fight with T.R. 
FAVORITE SAYING: "Sorry" or "Excuse Me" 
FUTURE: To be Successful in whatever I decide ro do. 

Cindy Ring 


ACTIVITIES: Volleyball 1-4, Tennis 2-4, Spring Track 1, 
Foreign Language 3, Peer Leadership 3-4, Prom Committee 3, 
OEA 1 

REMEMBER: Family, Friends, Tarn, Kath, Hunt, LS, KC, 


FOOKIOY, LES, ELYC, UMASS, Prom's Next Day, FOj '86 

'87, ULOWELL, Buds, TG, FA, 1 1 : 11 CB, PS 87 The GANG 


FORGET: H87 ignorant people, FWTK, AC, HWPLWEO 


FUTURE: To always be happy and successful in whatever I do. 

FAVORITE SAYING: "Ya know what I mean?" 

Stephanie Rosa 

ACTIVITIES: Manager for Softball 3, Field Hockey 2 
HP.SC, SL.JD, I'H.SM, KB, 2-3-85, 7-26-85. YG trips, 6-5- 
86, 5-2-87, 5-15-8?, 6-18-87, 1-4-88, 1-9-88, 1-23-88, 3-9- 
88. 5-20-21-88. 6-5-88, the good times, munchies, I and 2-87, 
8-30-87, vacations, scooping. 

FORGET: Fights, Ignorant People, Witchy and Slimy, 7-10- 
85, EC the I3IJ, tests, 2-1 5-88, SATs, MD, Doctors, and pains, 
Maih and Science. 

It . Tl . R I : To go '<i college ami design people's houses. 

Laurie Anne Rowe 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1, Volleyball 2-4, Basketball 1-3, 
Softball 1, Tennis 2, Foreign Language Club 1-2, Jr. Prom 

REMEMBER: Family, Min, Ted, x's w/Karen growing up 
w/friends, x's w/Cathy, Kim, Lav , Amy, Jen", Beth, Sue, 
Chris, The Boys, Sean, Ray v. Mass-220, x-out, ccwingate, 
D+D's, stow. Rye, Proms-Beach, BC, Florida, skidiving, 
WWR, Soph. Yr., AL, IRA, Lepo, New Yrs. SOAN, van, 
Campbells, pumpkins, Dang-TCT, B-Ball, skiing 88, Hal- 
loween 87, Cape 1 1/16/87, golf bags, Dicks class, Spain. 
FORGET: "Find the line," fights with parents + Ttacy, 10/86, 
SAT's, 1 1/85 Spanish. 
FUTURE: To be Happy. 

Colleen Rooney 
ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 1-2, Freshman Softball 1, Winter 
Track 2-3, J V Softball 2, Football Cheering 3-4, Varsity Softball 
3-4, Foreign Language Club 2-3 

REMEMBER: Family, Dickie, Sue, Missy, LN, SR, LS, JC, 
LR, ML, AT, CC, SM, MM, tftimsm, ISS, gdbs, Journey, Bon 
Jovi, Madonna, Greece and Italy, 12/31/86, cheering, hockey 
games, 7/4/86, gdwMLbdr, 10/86, Vacation, 9/19/87, 
"skiing," Dwb, RH, "the hood," St. Mary's Lake Winni., "the 
boat," Butger King, Win. Hosp. 

FORGET: tb+bd+d, SM accident w brother, tdwCJ, detention, 
Foreign Language Fair 87, 2/9/88, wftptr, Jan's Party, Vokks- 
WIlwCJ, crash in Sue's car ngt. m Jr. P. 

FUTURE: Go to school and become happy and successful. 

Desiree Ann Rowland 
"Dez, Brill" 

I a 


ACTIVITIES: National Honor Society 3, 4, Medical Careers 
Club 3, 4, Math Honor Society 3, 4, French Club, Track 2 

REMEMBER: Family, Michelle, Liz, Mark, Cat, Christine, 

Kelli, Tiff, Alicia, Donna, Terry (Brut), Jeff, Missy, Kims, 

Demoulas, Friends, WOW!, 5/2/87, Fla/Ga, 8/26/87, 16th 

B-day party, Wakefield lake. Football, Prom, Next day, Sleddin 

at leven, get-togethers, Electric Co., Jeff s faces, Sundae River, Is 

that your new deck, SUMMER OF 87 

FORGET: 1/5/87, Calculus, Sleepless nights, tears 

SAYING: sleep is not possible at this time 

FUTURE: To fly across the GRAND CANYON on a glider 

and to follow my dreams to HAPPINESS. 


Tammy Russo 
ACTIVITIES: Girls Soccer, Spring Track, Peer Leader, Foreign 
Language Club, DECA 

REMEMBER: Family, Friends, Cindy, Kristen, Cathy, Mike 5- 
9-87, Parties, LMS, SHP, EDP, FH, AP, U MASS, Summer of 
87, Cruising, The Boys, TG, FJP, CB, PS, BM, GS, 11:11, 

FORGET: U MASS, SHP, FWC, Browny, Watertown, MB, 
Foewe and d, CWM and T, Car Crashes, NP. 
FAVORITE SAYING: -Hey, and I do not know." 
FUTURE: College and retail management. 

Craig Salvaggio 

REMEMBER: Carrieann, Jeff, Missy, Allan, Steve, Carolyn, 
DW, DW, KS, CW, Vig, DM, DL, DM, MR, Dicey Talks in 
Drafting, "The Party," 10/26/87, Parties. Amy's Party, the 
colt, Paris to Dalar, Gtoin, All the Great Times with Carrieann, 
Skipping Friday Morning Deliveries, Thanks Gail. 

FORGET: 87 Junior and Senior Proms, First period English 
1285, Van Accident 9/87 to 1 1/87. 

FUTURE: To own a big house and be happy and successful in 
whatever I choose to do. 

Jennifer Ryan 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1-4 Capt., Basketball 1-2, Prom 
Committee, Model Congress, Student Council 

REMEMBER: Family, Friends, Amy, Sue's, Jen, Lau's, Beth, 
Kim, Tracy, Kate, Boys of 88, Trips: Cape, Pirates Love, 
Redjacket ski-sundriver, Gunstock — cRTWY, col and Labr 
day Wknd "86" Boston, CMPBLLS 87, Summer 87, Bates F. 
Hockey (J&U) MVC, Parties at seans, Caf, Lm, New years, 
Takng off, RBBT, baseball Soph-cag and Lacy, dss w/k M&Sue 
and Amy, Pr 4, THNRSGVNG 87 — no window, Prom, 
Hottub, uvm, Toga, 3/27/86. 

FORGET: CKNPOX, no Limo, MTH, Sweats, Bradlees, 
MNYORDR, CARHTS, Tapercordr, Type 2. 
FUTURE: Have Fun and Be Happy! 

Jean Sargent 


ACTIVITIES: Gymnastics 1, Softball I 

REMEMBER: Steven, Cindy, Gwen, Laura, Scott, Jim, Kris, 
Nancy, Kristen, Rhon, Chuck, CD, MC, ED, KL, DB, Beana, JB, 
MP, LG, Jules, Landry's Party, All Nighers, Horror Times, Talks, 
Neighborhood, Sophomore Year, Long Beach, w/Larbar and 

FORGET: Getting Caught, Fights, ISS, 9/19/87, 11/26/87, 


FUTURETo Be Happy, Successful and Rich. 


Cindi Salamone 


ACTIVITIES: Science Club, Foreign Language Club, Medical 
Careers Club, S.A.D.D. 

FRIENDS: kp, kp jd, AL, MS, RR, JN, DP, CB, RR, TF, HB, 
LL, HN. 

REMEMBER: DD, CK, Freshman Year Canada, Tuesday 
mornings, Concerts, BAAAAA, Sourcream chips and salim Lot, 
Sleep overs. 

FORGET: SAT'S, Midyears, Finals, Jr. prom fights, Rumors, 

Sophomore year 

FAVORITE MEMORY: 16 Party and Canobe Lake Park. 


FUTURE: Become an awesome Nurse!!! 


Lauren Scalesse 
ACTIVITIES: J. V. Field Hockey 1, Basketball 1-2,. Softball, 
Tennis 2, Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Foreign 
Language Club 2, Peer Leadership 4, Prom Comittee 3, 4 

REMEMBER: Family, Aunt Marie, Beth, Kim, Trac, Sue's, 
Amy, Ten's, Lau's, Cath, Maks MLT, Sean, Jonny O, The Boys, 
xw/Kim, Freshman year, concerts. Cape Cod '86, Maine, Jr. 
Prom, beach, summer of '87, Murray's Camp, Campbell's 
w/STEPHEN, soccer, toga, Halloween '87, Thanksgiving 
Game '87, UMASS 220, The Van of LUV, New Year's Eve 
'87, Gunstock, Soan's at D,S,S, G's, California '88 w/TBJ, 
Keri's Kondos being fribbled 

FORGET: 5/12/87, breaking up, BB, Altron, SAT's 
FUTURE: To live life to the fullest and to be happy. 



Michelle Anne Scott 
ACTIVITIES: Basketball Cheering 1-4 Capt. 4, Yearbook 
Photographer, Mr. Krupa Fan Club 

REMEMBER: Family, Dez, Christine, Kelli, Jeff, Donna, 
Alicia, Tiff, Liz, Cat, Maura, SR, KAZ, LR, SB, NZ, JL, 
Summer of 86, the team and^Mrs. C, all my D. friends, us 5, 
JFM. Gup, old bovfriends, J~, cartoons w/Jeff, 1-23-88, get- 
togethers, the Serenade, Electric Co, AHH!, Jr. Prom, sleddin at 
leyen, the geekmobiles I and II, my camera, my cat. 
FORGET: Judgemental people, bad times, good cries, rumors, 
12-31-86, night visitors, lies, bad hairdos. 
SAYING: Somebody smells good! 
FUTURE: To keep smiliri. 

KristenJ. Sencabaugh 
Work, Parties, Going to the New England Dragway, 
with the gang,'' and hanging out at DMB 
REMEMBER: Mom and Dad, Family, MS, EM, HK, PD, TS, 
Michael, Demoulas. JG, JG, Chris, CS, CS, KS, 2/18/88, KP, 
WD, Friends!, Almost getting to the club with Mary, Bionic 
Scare, Snoopy at the gas station, Mrs. B, Halloween night 

FORGET: Getting caught on 2/18/88, Accidents, Demoulas, 


FAVORITE SAYING: Take a pill and get over it" 

FAVORITE MEMORY: 5/15/87, Surviving 2/18/88, and 
the summer of 1987 

FUTURE: To quit Demoulas, finish college, and make a lot of 
money so 1 can buy and race my own 69 Z28 CAMARO! 

Barbara Sbd 

"Babber," "Barb" 
ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey- 1, Softball 1, Prom 3-4, Peerlead. 
4, Jr Ach. 3, Yrbk. 4, Ski Club 3 

"86," LM, KD, LM, AT, LD, LR, "THE GILCREST," 
"CAVES," Hampton w/Lisa, 7/15/85 — w/J, skiing, PEPSI, 
"Men w/LIZ," The FEELEYs, "The TP," Maine, Jr. Prom, 
"Sour Cream," "Blueberry Muffin," Parties, The "Boat," The 
COPS!, Skipping School, TJ's w/JAY, Scott M. "HERMAN," 
"NICE CAT," JRP, New Years "88," Birthdays, TODAY. 


FUTURE: To Be Happy, Rich, in Love, Married and Suc- 

Betb Ann Sheehan 
ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey, Basketball, 1-2, Track 1-2. Soccer 
2-4, Capt. 4., Peer Leadership 4, Prom Comm. 3-4, Jr. 
Achievement 2-3. Student Council 1-4, Foreign Language 1-4 
REMEMBER: Family. Grndprnts, LS, JC. SM, AC, TN. JR. 
KT, SK, LD, CN, LM, Soph. Yr. -29-ers, CremeDe, Growing 
up w/Dave, Good times w/Lauren, Concerts, Jr. Prom — Day 
After, Lucky Dime. yiAN. Lynn, Marshfield, Sunday River, 
007, Van of Luv, Maine, 4th July CA, talks w/Sean, 
Campbells, The Boys Memorial Day 86 and 87, 6/23/87, 
Soccer, Thnksgvng '87, Toga, Halloween '87, Nostrals, Talks 
w/Dan, Cartway, New Year* '88, Calif 1/21/86. 

FORGET: Calculus, mind games, fake friends. My Fatal At- 
(raaion, Labor Day 87, Wipe out 8/20/87. 
FUTURE: To live a long happy life — always smiling. 

Kimberly A. Sbeeban 
ACnVlTlTES: Foreign Language Club 1-2, S.A.D.D. 1-2, 
OEA. 3-4, DECA 4 

REMEMBER: Friends: Steve, Michele, KM, SC, MJ, SC, HP, 
WC, 5-1-87, Driving around with Kim and Michele, OEA 
Trips Being followed, 6-22-87, Summer of 87 
FORGET: Homework, exams, Demoulas, Fire drills in the 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Proms 5-15-87, 5-20-88 
FUTURE: Finish college, be successful, have a happy family. 

Dan Shelley 
ACTIVITIES: Science Club '87-88 

To Mom and Dad, I LOVE YOU!!! Wendy, Good Luck at 
UMASS, Mikie "The Karate Kid", Julie The Love Triangle" 



REMEMBER: Nashua, DLC, Elm St. Jr high, Hampton 

Beach, Canobie Lake Park!! 

FAVORITE SAYINGS: Oh, well, and Ya 

FORGET: DDR! The Sweat Shop 


■ m.Tl I 


MZ*~ jA 

Christine Marie Smith 


ACTIVITIES: Foreign Lang. Club 1-2, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 
Basketball Cheering 2, 3, Capt. 4, Tennis 1, 2, V 3, 4, School 
Comm. Rep. 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Model Congress 4, 
Student Council V.P. 4, Editor of Yrbk. 4, Mr. Krupa Fan Club 

REMEMBER: Mom and Family, Tiff and Kell, Mich and Dez, 
Liz and Donna, Elliot, Alicia, Jeff and Friends; "nicknames," 
MVCCHAMPS — 87 team, CHEERING, "Lonely Sophs," 
"my Girls," Everly Sisters, Car singing, Monkees and Night 
Ranger, surprise parties (KP's), Sledding w/boys at town park 
— 87, Proms, Sandwich, out w/Do and Tiff, Eng. Tchrs, Red 
Sox Game, Lockers — 88, Art, "I Be," "Hey you" "Ted, We're 
dying!," "Can you do that?," "C.S. to the office," '88 day party. 

FUTURE: To make up my mind and to be forever happy. 
SAYING: "Hello" 

Peter J. Soper 

"George, Pete" 

ACTIVITIES: Skiing, Foreign Language 

FRIENDS: Tammy, Craig, Scott, Steve, John, Dave, Evan, 
Adam, Cathy, Denise, Paul, Rob 

REMEMBER: Tammy, Summer 87, Christmas, Sunday River 
88, RX-7, Family, Mom, Dad, Sharon, Gretal, Evan's Party, 
Auto Car Wash. 

FORGET: Disagreements with Tammy, College applications, 
Car accident, Foreign Languages, Homework, Final Exams, 
Evan's Party. 

FAVORITE MEMORIES: Tammy 1987-1988. 


FUTURE: College, Good Job, A Family, IWTGUABWTE. 

Veronica Smith 


ACTIVITIES: Softball, Taekwondo 

FRIENDS: Bryan, Guy, Cathy, Crissy, Jenny, TS, SH, Jenn, 
SS, MC,JF, MY mom 

REMEMBER: Days with Bryan, Wednesday nights after 
Taekwondo, Reading with Mr. Bouche, 4/19/86, 12/24/87 
Canada in the Summer, The tournament in New Jersey, '87. 

FORGET: Getting in trouble with Mr. Woods, working at 
Demoulas, Mark' Coleman 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Mast microwave after Karate 


FUTURE: To go to college and become a physical therapist, 

Karen A. Snyder 

ACTIVITIES: Vocal Ensemble/Individual Perf. 4, Drama 
Club 2 

FRIENDS: Joe K. I Love You! Mom, Dad, Muffin: Love ya. 
Pam, Michelle, Stacey, Jan Ray, Jen, NS, Dr, HC, RB, CH, CJ. 

REMEMBER: Meeting Joe, Fun Times W/the Girls, Skippin 
School! Parties at the Rez, Scenes Prom American Life — 86, 
REH. for Murder-88-Bella, Singing, Greatest Love, What I did 
for Love, Over the Rainbow. 

FORGET: Getting Caught! Antigone our way/Let It die!! 
Stupid arouments. Snobs and Clicks, S. School. 

FUTURE: To be a rich, Famous singer, get married, have a 
lovely family, and live happily ever after. 

Dave Stedman 

Steven Spinelli 
ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 3, Spring Track 3, Football 1 
FRIENDS: Paul, Paul, Tim, Peter, Craig, John, Scott, Dave, 
Evan, Bob, Sean, Andy, Adam. 

REMEMBER: Mr. Kelley, Mr. Cripps, Sunday River, Ski 
Trips, Making Fun of Paul Maiella, Beating up Paul, Defronzo 
Gien's Hat. 

FORGET: 10 mile run, town park, BHBHJR and all of their 
followers, Giens track work, JGIL. 






Sandra Story 


ACTIVITIES: Medical Careers Club, Foreign Language Club 

FRIENDS: Michelle, Jen, Cindy, LG, CS, JF, NG, LM. and 

CC, BM, LS, and anyone else. You are all great! 
REMEMBER: Mom Dad, Summer, Chinese Food, and Noooz, 
Car accident with NG, JS, and GP, Marion St, Extention, 
Parking Lots, 87, Browns Crossing, and Best of all 1-15-88, 

FORGET: SB, Detention, 1SS, Mr. Woods, Fights, Exams- 
Failmg, 6-3-87. 

WORST MEMORY: Junior Prom 

FUTURE: Get Rich, Buy a new car. Be a medical technician. 
Get matried and live a happy, peaceful life! 


Coral Stratos 

ACTIVITIES: Sci-Club 2-4, Pres 4, SADD 2, 3, Foreign Lang. 
2, JA 2, Peer Counseling 2, 3 

FRIENDS: Liane, Key, Dan, Lisa, Jas, K&K 
REMEMBER: My Family, David, 11-19-86, Friends, P&T, 
RHCW, "My Buddy" The Roppies, Stand by me. Concerts, 
Grover, Sci-club, 4-22-87, Xmas, Shopping, W/Brad Delp, 
Green M&M'S, Proms, The Oldies, HHe, Mr. B, Summer 87, 
Luf, 17 Bday, Pind Gorilla, Mr. Poppies, Special talks, Spuck- 

FORGET: Reec "Carol," Crutches, Headiiahts 
FUTURE: To become a teacher, make all my dreams come 
ture, and always smile!! 

Nancyne Mary Sullivan 
REMEMBER: Family, Ryan, Rhonda, Good Times with TD, 
DP, LC, BB, Patty (Anchor) CM, Mike Florida, Niagra Falls, 
NH, DP s 5/01/87 I 1/05/85, 3/29/86, Junior Year Sum- 
mer of 87 Pdtty F. Rhonda's Boat, Paula, Good times with A 
Val Skiing with Patty R 

FORGET: Rules, School Getting Caught, Hampton, Stripper, 
Fights, A.M. First and Last 

H Tl RE: To Be Happy, Successful and Rich 

Karen Marie Thompson 

Spying and Getting Caught! 

REMEMBER: MT, ET, Bob, DOUG (8-30-87), Kim Brenda 
and Baby bongo, Jan, Ray, Jen, Ang, Meg, Lisa and Rog, Plaza 
spying w/Shurb, Musty 's ruther's House, Boudy, Donut Mkcr, 
Lowell w/Kim, bustin nads w/Kim, The good times w/onion 

FORGET: JR. Prom. "I'll never hurt you," (SF) 12-31-86, 
KAREN HENNIGAN. 2 faced people — u know who u r. 

FUTURE: NONE — Thanx Mom and Dad — I couldn't have 
Done it w/out you — I Love you! 

Nancy Sullivan 
ACTIVITIES: Gymnastics 1, 2, Captain 3, Football Cheering 
2, 3, 4, Track 1 

REMEMBER: Family, Stephen 12/21/86, Hanafins, Jean, 
Barbi, Sheryl, Goodtimes with Stephen Shearing LD KP Nan- 
tilities, Becky, Joanne, JDHMDP, KJmb, Horn, 2/6/87, 
4/12/87, Talks with Bub, Mrs. Aldrich, York, Log, Allnighter 
with j and g ALWAYS! NYsign, Nt. Before t. Game Boston 
going up to camp 

FORGET: Fights with Stephen, FGTWLF, midterms, finals, 
hittingmbtrk, 8 grade, losing bs bb 

FAVORITE SAYING: I don't know 

FUTURE: Finish college, marry Stephen, Live happy life and 
be rich 


Annette Tolini 

ACTIVITIES: Prom Committee 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Peer 
Leadership 4, Fr. Softball, Ski Club 3 

REMEMBER: Family, Dave, 5-16-87, DL, LD, LR, JL, LM, 
BS, MM, MC, PB, EB, RH, Yviey, Mike, Summets 85-88, 
New Years 86-88, Pauls, Monomoy, Skiing, Sidewalks, Driving 
Abilities, CHERRIES, parties, HOLY HEAD, 88 Day Party, Jr 
and Sr proms, Day After. Maine. 12-25-87, U2 Concerts, 
Skipping, 5-17-87, 6-23-87, Fr Year, Talks, JDs, Chatham, 
"The Machine," Limo, WP, 8th Per, 10-10-87. 
FORGET: 11-27-87, 1-10-88, 4-21-87, NOT KNOWING, 
Cliques, 7-8-87, fights, liars, Break-ups, HEALTH CENTER, 
TM + D. 

SAYING: Oh my God. 

I 10 

■ W M 

Kimberly Jean Tolonett 
ACTIVITIES: Volleyball 1-4, Jr. Sr. Prom Committee, Ski 
Club 3 

NITO WITH TRACY ON 10/31/85, Grill with Keri, Maine 
"87" Mashfield, Glouster "86," growing up with Lauren, 
pumpkins, 9/26/87, taking off, talks with Sean, Freshman 
Year. Class with Jenn, nights at window, Thanksgiving "87" 
Carwindow, The boys, Lynn with Bs, TN, SOan, Van, 

FORGET: MINDGAMES, healthcenter, fights with Sean, 

bradlees, warehouse. 

FUTURE: To Succeed in life and be happy! 

Dennis Topping 

Scott A. Waite 

"Scooter; Waiteless" 

ACTIVITIES: Wresding 3, 4 

REMEMBER: Family, Friends DL, GB, MP, KB, TP, TK, 
MM, LD, Lauren B, Leanne B. BEAVER REMEMBER: Beaver 
Tom Remember Black Trax Tim M "Come on" Maine week- 
end The West Corms Pool The Res Beaver Backflip Shay's The 
Parking Lots 

FORGET: The Car Accidents The Brady's rule The 129 Bridge 

FAVORITE SAYINGS: Come on Chill Out I'll Smack Ya 

FAVORITE SONGS: Shooting Star Bad Companys 
Wingtown Pianoman Only the good Die Young!! 

Peter L, Tore// 

"Big Pete" 

ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1-4, Soccer 2-4, Cross Country 1, 
Spring Track 1-2, Junior Rotarian 4, Senior Prom Committee 
REMEMBER: Family, Friends, Mag HOn DH ML DM TM 2 
TD Pn SK JM the Guys and Girls Hoop, Big Boy, Pro States, 
HF, LB BUZZYS, The Pinto, Cambells, Connors, Tullys, Seans 
XMas 87, Parent Jokes Pool hopn Thwap Martha's Vineyard 
SoHo Pumpkinn kidnapped to B.D. Soccer Mrks English Protos 
Prom The Van Marion St. Extension 

FORGET: Rumors Palphngranada M&M Tuff Big Jokes Calc 
suicides Parking lots The Boys The Beach 5/16/87 Driving 
around accidents Curfew 
FUTURE: To be successful and Happy 

Janet Wesinger 

REMEMBER: RON 1-4-86, Family, Lisa, Raylene, Sue, Na- 
omi, Q, Wendy, Kif, Kevin, Joel, Steve, D.C., K.S., D 2 H., 
S.O., B.R., K.M., M+B, S.L., HAWKS, The Band, TEWK- 
SBURY GUYS, KT, Rez Parties, arcade, Maine, Skippin, 
Proms, Cottage, Frumunda, HOLLAND IK BENE PORTE, 
DTL n'l want your sex, 10-7-85, Especially my sis., Quiet ti~nes 

FORGET: Bread-ups, W.H.S. + Mr. Woods, fights. My car, 
Rules, English 12 w/MR. CAIN, »Pig T1HS, L.P. 

FUTURE: To someday understand men, and to Own My Own 

Ad Agency. 

SAYING: AKUF, PUTZ, How you be doing? 

Scott White 


Darryl Wbittemore 
"Hayshin, Rico, Tubbs" 

ACTIVITIES: Varsity Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Winter Track 
2, 3, 4, Varsity Tennis 1, 3, Varsity Spring Track 2, DECA 4, 
Work 1, 2, 3, 4 

REMEMBER: Doug, Dave, Mike, Joe, Jeff, Bob, RJ, Paul, 
JM. DR. DW, JO, PT, CP, DH, TM, TM, MM, TD, CP, DP, 
CA, ML, DM, SK, MC, Karen, Deb, DB, LM, AT, KZ, NB, 
KL, JO, FJ, KP, KP, BJ, LS, KB, BT, Counseling w/Kim, 
Laura, Lauren, Kristen, Nowl, Annette, KZ, MJ TC, JF, JG, 
Beach 5/ 16/87, Hampton — race, Skiing, Parties — SK, MT, 
DE, CP, Beast-Runs, BC/U Mass Parties, Pumpkining, Bay- 

FORGET: Moving, Halloween — 8x6, MVC Coaches, M+J, 
Brady's, JJ'S, Jr. Prom, math Chem-Labs with Ms. Dadoly, 
Getting caught 
FUTURE: To counsel the grief stricken while making money. 

Brian J. Woods 


ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1 

REMEMBER: Friends, old and new, Teachers, Pep Rallies, 
KA-AV, Street Hockey games, JR. Year, 6/13/88, Rochester 
Fair, SN, LAT, Kens, per. 4 and 8, Winter of '80 in Maine, 

FORGET: 3/6/88, Freshman year, Fire Drills, MS. Wood- 
mans tests, CRL, Mid terms and Finals, '84 Chrysler, Study 

FAVORITE MEMORY: The Turkey Bowl Of 87-88 

FAVORITE SAYING: What are you selling? 

FUTURE: To become a firefighter, get married, and eventually 

have kids. 

Daniel E. Woods 

"Woodsie' ' 

ACTIVITIES: Ftbl. 1-3 Capt. 4, Basktbl. 1-3 Capt. 4, Bsbl. 1- 

REMEMBER: Family, Deanna 1 1/10/86, 1 1/10/87; Friends 
Pat, Sean, GSM, DC, Tm, JM, Hale, JO, PT, ML, Td, CA, CJ, 
87 Hoop Team, States; MAV Ball, Mungazi; Central: 14-6; 
Chrisanne's parties; Mel's party, Irish socks; Van; Chase, one 
headlight; Bowling; 5/24/86 Pumpkining-Padonnis — Otis 
Day and the Nights; Maine; the Girls 

FORGET: Lost; Losing, 1-18-1, Camp Wakuta, the whistle, 
"on the line" Int's; Math; 12/31/87, out of control 

FUTURE: Keep myself busy 


Kevin R. Yetman 
ACTIVITIES: Science Club 2, Peer Leadership 1, SADD 1 
FRIENDS: CORAL, others know who they are. 

REMEMBER: Mr. Scanlon's Psychology Class, Mr. Maggio's 
Classes, Strcptomyccs, My Family, Friends, snowmobiling, wa- 
(er-skiing, boating, case of spring fever sophomore year. 

FORGET: Mr. Magnarelli's Geometry Class, JTH3 Timing, 
Chain job on my car, sledding accident, left wrist injury, MISS 

FAVORITE MEMORY: Getting my wm water ski and ski 



FUTURE: To be a systems analyst and move to Alaska 

Kimberly A. Zambernardi 

"Kimzy, Zam, Zamby, Zambo ' 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball, Medical Ca- 
reers Club, Foreign Language Club, Prom Committee 

REMEMBER: Mom and Dad, Deb, Bill, Mark 
FRIENDS: Scott, Tiff, Kell, Christine, Kristen, Dez, Michelle, 
MJ, KB, CE, TM, JD, JC, LN, LB, JL. LR, WC, LC, JB, MM, 

REMEMBER: Mr. B and Mr. C. Talks w/Charlie, Darryl and 
Joe, Scott M., Jeff, Sean, Todd, Field hockey, F-camp, room 
w/SK, Bx-ball w/Amy, JR Proms, Wakefield, Hampton, 
Boston w/K, T and J, meeting Erin Finally, kp rides, Scottwn- 
ing,, zucchini cats, mlldcn, Florida. 

FORGET: Minor tryouts, fighting w/Tiff, 23 yr olds, old male 
acquaintances, Tiffs set-ups, break-ups, Demoulas, obsessions. 

FAVORITE SAYINGS: It was so funny. U SCUM 

FUTURE: To be happy and make lots of money. 

Margaret Barnes 

"Marg, Meg" 
FRIENDS: Rich, AnnMarie, Jeff, Lisa. 

REMEMBER: 3-24-87, Krystal was born, 8-21-87 — Wed- 
ding — Common, all the good times with Rich, Going to 
Mississippi, Mr. Woods, Mr. Breakey, Mr. Cogan, Rich's junior 
prom, and especially my parents fot being so understanding. 

FORGET: Summer of '85, fights with Rich, 1 1-25-86. 

FAVORITE MEMORY: My wedding on the common, giving 

birth to Krystal. 

FAVORITE SAYING: "What's up?" 

FUTURE: To be a great Mom and great wife, to work hard and 

accomplish what I can. 



William C. Eliason, Jr. 
Girls, Partying, arcade games, Bible Class, going to concerts. 

THANKS TO: My Family for being there when I needed them and 
Steve, my best friend, for helping me solve my problems, going to 
Cal., and Florida for a long vacation. Thanks to the school staff for 
being a help when I needed it. C.S., LM, KW , KC. 

FAVORITE ROCK GROUPS: Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Kiss 
ere. Parry till you drop. To all seniors, Good luck in years to come. 

Michael T. Banfield 


REMEMBER: Family, Michelle, Jen, Lisa, KC, Guzman, JC, MV, 
DS, SA, MM, MV, SB, JG, AT, CC, Chism, Jibba, Ken, CF, PC, 
TH, DT, TH&BG, Beach Party, Halloween Dance, Palace & Faces, 
Hampton — 86+87, Drakes, ID, Johns Apt. Quad, YZ, Hor- 
rorcane! Muffin, Revere, Paul G. & KE, Lowell, Chevy's, Ciampa! 
Hunting, Skiing, Buds Me & Dad! AA, Girls!! Crue! Times Left 
Alone, Beers, ME. 

FORGET: Revere Beach! Wipe out — 8-16-87, Radars, Ed, 

Woods, Flemunism, Failing, Arrests, TDTF! Skrwng up! DISEASES! 


FAVORITE SAYING: I want her!!! 

FUTURE: Unnatural Death!!! 

Shelley O'Connell 

FRIENDS: Kris, Cindy, JW, RP, BR, LM, CD, RK 

REMEMBER: Family, Winni, Log, Skiing, Fun at work, Freshr 
year, T., Por, Fv88, AN, Ngm, Noc, Pulling horror. 

FORGET: School, DG, Hurricane, Skipping, Getting in trou 
Junior Prom, TBB, Running away. 



FUTURE: To go to college, Travel and to be happy 



In 1984 we entered Wilmington High School as nervous Freshmen — along with us came a new principal, Mr. Paul T. Fleming. As we began 
our four years at Wilmington High School — the renovations also commenced. Once we overcame our freshman insecurities — we held the 
first fundraiser for the class of "1988" — which was selling M&M's. 

Sophomore year moved us up the high school social ladder. We had various fundraisers such as a car wash and a Hawaiian dance. Our class 
also held a halfway there Chinese Food Dinner at the Villanova Hall. With Sophomore year — came the first Girls Soccer Team. Also, during 
our 2nd year in this school, we witnessed the tragic explosion of the space shuttle, leaving the school as well as the world in a state of shock and 

Before we knew it, we were Juniors and at last considered upperclassmen. We sold lollipops to raise money for the class and this fundraiser 
turned out to be extremely profitable. The Junior Prom at the Westford Regency was a great success with Beth Sheehan as Prom Queen and 
Chris Allen as Prom King. Junior year was topped off by Tim Fay's "SPUR OF THE MOMENT SWIM." Although most of our Junior year 
consisted of good memories — unfortunately — Mr. Lynch's illness left us not only with one less vice-principal; but we were all greatly 
affected by his misfortune. 

The first three years of high school passed by so quickly that it was hard to believe we were really Seniors. Senior year the football team opened 
up the season with a win which was their first and last. The Homecoming dance followed and was a tremendous success with Annette Tolini as 
Queen and Scott McMillan as King. This year was just incredible for our team sports. The Field Hockey team became MVC Champs, while 
the hockey team made it to the states. David Gidari, Allen Tate, and Donald Sullivan all proved to be outstanding wrestlers, while Amy 
Levina became the field hockey MVP and Amy Caruso was all conference field hockey and an all star basketball player. Susan McFadyen, 
Winnie Corsaro, and Kevin Cripanuk broke all kinds of track records as they excelled in their chosen events. Mike Lombard definitely 
demonstrated his athletic ability during basketball season and he became a member of the Street and Smith All American Team. Angela Lin 
also demonstrated her intellectual ability by becoming the recipient of the National Merit Scholarship. Liz Morris also managed to attend the 
DECA Nationals in Salt Lake City. One of the biggest highlights of our Senior year was Jeff Murphy. Jeff has received many musical awards 
and was chosen to travel to Japan with the Greater Youth Boston Symphony Orchestra. Some of the most memorable events the class of 1988 
has experienced are the "88" day party, the Senior picnic, the blood drive, and the Olympics. Our class would like to extend its greatest 
appreciation to Ms. Hayes for helping us make our Senior year the BEST EVER. The Senior prom was held at the Burlington Marriott and 
this year's Prom King and Prom Queen were Mike Lombard and Susan Killilea. With regards to the Senior Prom the class of "88" is 
especially thankful to Ms. Woodman for all time and effort that she spent helping us organize this event. Without her — the prom would not 
have been possible! The Senior Show "GOOD MORNING WILMINGTON" directed by Mr. Cain was a great performance and definitely 
earned rave reviews. 

I'd like to wish the best of luck to everyone!!! 
— Kimberly Bentley 



Ta^*^ ^ 





' J: '• 

I 18 

■ I ■ ■ 



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Mr * 






SUB B , 


Tttidiciel ^OHtfoind and TttcvU* *&itf&U* 
@Udy St&ott and V*4tfUd StiMiva* 

7><zu£ T>e*y>t*Hj* and ^?i^uuf OcOnl€t$e 


^awuz &' j4*u4n*44* €UuC (foe 70lc79Ce*U*tteK 









Tfcott @&*K$ect Since pne4&4ftaK *fyea%; 





w;--»..v ■ j.i 




I . . L 'tu 

w» , I 




















Wildcat News. Missing from picture — Joe Linehan and Ernie Botte, Co-Editors. 

Yearbook. Editors: Joe Linehan and Christine Smith, front row center. Contributors. Joanne DeLuca, Michelle Scott, Suzanne Curtin, Kelli Pazyra, 
Wendy Shelley, Cindi Elliot, and Mrs. Bowser, Advisor. Surrounding these people are various and sundry characters who dropped in the day the picture 
was taken. 


Comedy Club. Front Row L to R: Dave Cammel, Joe McMenimen, Sean Keogan, Chris Allen, Tonya DeSantis, Mike Lombard, back Row: Jonathan 
Oliver, Bobby Corrieri, Dave Hale, Peter Torrell, Dan McDonald, Jeff Murphy. Masquerading as a doorstop: Mr. Rick Cain, Advisor. 

Model Congress Club. 1st Row L to R: Susan Killilea, Susan McFadyn, Joanne DeLuca, Kelli Pazyra, Christine Smith, Tiffany Outridge, Amy Caruso. 
2nd Row: Mrs. Hayes, Advisor, Matthew Ouellette, Laura Minchello, Cathy Nistico, David Patterson, David McMullin, Jennifer Ryan, Jill Martyn. Not 
Pictured: Anthony DeSantis, Jonathan Oliver, Mrs. Bowser, Advisor. 


Student School Committee/Regional Advisory Board. Christine Smith, Sue McFadyn, Kendra Mar, Joseph Linehan. 

Science Club. 1st Row L to R: Lee Grasso, Charley Prescott, Triana Blowers, Kelli Butler, Kevin Yetman, Ron MacNeill. 2nd Row: Nancy O'Leary, 
Heather Neill (Vice Pres.), Cindy King (Former V.P.), Kristin Pittaro, Doug Peak, Coral Straws (President). 3rd Row: Don Schultz, Corey York, Mark 
Ware, )e(( Botte, Dan Shelley, Ken McCue, John Marsi (Treasurer), Mr. John Krey, Advisor. 



Kfim ■Mil 

I ■ I ■ J\. 

National Honor Society. Mrs. Joyce Beckwith, Advisor. 1st Row L to R: Sue Killilea, V.P., Jeff Murphy, Pres., Paul DeFronzo, Dir. Pub. Rel., Desiree Rowland, 
Sec. 2nd Row: Joanne DeLuca, Kristen Catanzano, Amy Caruso, Christine Smith, Angela Lin, Mike Lombard. 3rd Row: David MacMullin, Matt Ouellette, 
Heather Prince, Joe Linehan, Dave Patterson, Doug Peak, Wendy Shelley, Ron MacNeil. 4th Row: Kristin Palm, Heather Day, Jill Martyn, Kristen Peters, Debbie 
Gigante, Noel Bouchie, Debbie Dellascio, Mike Linskey. Missing From Picture: Kim Bentley, Melissa Jamerson, Anne Law. 

Medical Careers Club. 1st Row L to R: Kristen Catanzano, Kimberly Zambernardi, Jeanine Caizzi, Lori Sellers, Mrs. Norma Rushton, Advisor. 2nd 
Row: Elizabeth Margeson, Lori Fuller, Nancy O'Leary, Kristin Phillips, Cindi Salamone, Douglas Peak. 3rd Row: Heather Fullerton, Shannon MacNeil, 
Sharon Rooney, Kristine Przyjemski, Sharon Soper. Missing From Picture: Melissa Jameson. 


Jazz Rock Ensemble. 1st Row L to R: Anna Zukas, Nicole Husen, Cindy King, Jeff Murphy, Joseph Linehan. 2nd Row: Dave Woodbury, Erik Palm, 
Mike Bento, Allsion Curtin, Taunia Sodetquist, Jen Bisset. 3fd Row: Steve Pepe, Etminio Grasso, Nancy O'Leary, April Murray, Kristina Przyjemski, 
Lee Grasso. Missing From Picture: Senior, Suzanne Curtin, Director, Barbara J. Mette. 

Peer Leadership. 1st Row L to R: Deanna Polizzotti, Kristen Ptaro, Cindy King, Doug Peak. 2nd Row: Larry Flynn, Kristen Catanzano, Alicia Cuoco, 
Heather Cram, Maria Sellitto, Lee Grasso. 3rd Row: Michelle Stanchi, Antoinette Sellitto, Stacey McDonald, Tammy Russo, Cindy Ring, Laura 
DAmbrosio, Laura Minchello. 


Student Council. Christine Smith, V.P., David Patterson, Treas., Tony DeSantis, pres., Lauren Scalesse, Sec'y. 

S.A.D.D. 1st Row L to R: Deanna Polizzotti, Kristen Ptaro, Cindy King, Doug Peak. 2nd Row: Larry Flynn, Maria Sellitto, Sheryl Stuart (President), 
Jen Bisset, Lee Grasso (Vice-Pres.), Jen Cuoco. 3rd Row: Nicole Boucher, David Hale and Nicole Husen. 


Student Council. 1st Row L to R: Christine Smith, Lauren Scalesse, Cathy Nistico, Jen Ryan. 2nd Row: Tony DeSantis, David Patterson. 

Foreign Language Club. 1st Row L to R: Renee Assetta (Acting Vice-President), Jeanine Caizzi, Lisa DeChellis (Acting President). 2nd Row: Tracy 
Currier, Danielle Fay, Heather Day, Bonnie Trout. Missing From Picture: Ellen DeMarco (Secretary), Lynn Duduen, Noel Bouchie, Jennifer DeChellis, 
Jackie Lutz, Nicole Bouchie, Michelle Marsi, Kim Bentley, Joanne DeLuca. 

Math Honor Society/Math League. 1st Row L to R: Heather Prince, Tiffany Outridge, Joanne DeLuca, Desiree Rowland, Paul DeFronzo, Doug Peak. 
2nd Row Members: Matthew Ouellette, Karen Lynch, Jennifer O'Donnell, Debbie Gigante, Amy Caruso. 3rd Row Members: Kristen Palm, Noel 
Bouchie, Kristen Peters, Jill Martyn, Jeff Murphy, David Patterson. Missing From Picture: Brenda Savosik, Carla DeSantis, Gina Martinello, Pam Budd, 
Nancy O'Leary, Anna Zukas, Jonathan Oliver, Heather Day, Christian Flores. 


Model U.N. 1st Row L to R: Jonathan Oliver, Debbie Gigante, Debbie Dellascio, Kristen Peters, Kristin Palm, Mat Ouellette. 2nd Row: Tony 
DeSantis, Jen O'Donnell, Heather Day, Danielle Fay, Karen Lynch, Brenda Jones. 

: ::: ! 


OEA. 1st Row L to R: Joe Magliozzi, Tony DeSantis, Heather Prince, Jill Martyn. 2nd Row: Cindy Ring, Kim Sheehan, Wendy Shelley, Debbie 
Gigante, Jen O'Donnell. 



Concert Marching Band. 1st Row L to R: Cindy King, Kristin Donovan, Jeff Murphy, Joseph Linehan. 2nd Row: Steven O'Hearn, Jen Bisset, Mike 
Bento, AJlsion Curtin, Kacy Soderquist, Laurie Dellascio, Taunia Soderquist, Sharon Soper. 3rd Row: Lynn Duden, Erik Palm, Kristen Peters, Diane 
King, Michelle Deveaux, Nicole Bouchie, April Murray, Lee Grasso. 4th Row: Kristene O'Brien, Stephanie Carter, Nancy O'Leary, David Woodbury, 
Nicole Husen, Anna Zukas, Kristina Przyjemski. 5th Row: Derek Buzzotta, Erminio Grasso, Steven Pepe. 

Color Guard. 1st Row L to R: Kendra Mar, Kacy Soderquist, Nicole Bouchie, Noel Bouchie, Sheryl Stewart, Jennifer Cuoco. 2nd Row: Nancy O'Leary, 
Sharon Soper, Sherry Matulewicz, Diane King, Karen Matulewicz, Christine O'Brien. 


■ \ 

DECA. 1st Row L to R: Joanne DeLuca, Amy Caruso, Michael Lombard, Paul DeFronzo, Kelli Pazyra. 2nd Row: Missy Lyons, Janice Craig, Liz Morris, 
Donna Ribeiro, Sean Nicholson. 3rd Row: Susan McNeil, Carrieann Hunt, Lorrie Berger, Tony DeSantis, Bobby Corrieri, Matt Ouellette, Kristin Palm, 
Tammy Russo. 

Junior Prom Committee. 1st Row Sitting L to R: Angela Martins, Colleen McCauley, Jen Cuoco, Melissa Peters, Karen Lynch, Renee Assetta, Suzanne 
Peck. 2nd Row: Jen Delnino, Amy Labossiere, Jeanine Caizzi, Jen O'Donnell, Noel Bouchie, Jill Martyn, Tracey Currier. 3rd Row: Gwen Hupper, 
Heidi Fields, Jeanne Bishop, Bonnie Trout, Danielle Fay, Heather Day, Brenda Jones, Lisa Dechellis, Sharon Rooney, Kristin Curran. 4th Row: Laurie 
Crowley, Lori Cormier, Lisa Roketenetz, Erin Kelly, Carrie Russo, Mary Beth Lawson, Erin Gorsky, Sheryl Stewart. 




• ■ I 


■ K 








1st Row L to R: Eric 
Pote, Joe McMen- 
niman, Scott McMillan, 
Tim Moran, Pat Naily, 
Dan Woods, Chris Al- 
len. 2nd Row: Steven 
Murray, Jason Bere, 
Mark Bobek, Mike 
Morris, Steven Hanafin, 
John McGrath, Steven 
Killilea, Coach 







L„.V" ■ 


Girls Softball Team, 1st Row L 
to R: Kellie Sullivan, Melissa 
Peters, Terry Murray, Jen 
O'Donnell, Melissa Mullen. 
2nd Row: Jen Delnino, Debbie 
Dellascio, Ann Marie Anderson, 
Judy O'Connell, Gina Mar- 
tinello, Julie Shelley, Christine 



Girls Tennis Team, 1st Row L 
to R: Andrea Ducey, Christine 
Smith, Cathy Nistico, Michelle 
Marsi. 2nd Row: Coach — Mr. 
Brumis, Amanda Holmes, Shel- 
ley Twohig, Laurie Berger, 
Heather Day, Lisa Berger. 


■Kr. ^m 



3Q 1HHP 


■ ( 

■ ■ I ■ ■ 




Welcome Class of "88." Tonight (June 12th in the year 2003) we are celebrating our 15th reunion. Gathering everyone together tonight 
has been a difficult task, because many of our old classmates are scattered throughout the universe seeking fame, fortune, and happiness. 

Let me briefly describe the lifestyles of some of our classmates. The employment that some of our former classmates have adventured 
through varies from exciting and fun to strange and unexpected. 

Suzanne Curtin has been given the opportunity to show her remarkable musical talents by playing with the Boston Pops. 

Paul DeFronzo has followed in Mr. Kelley's footsteps by becoming an obsessed math teacher and an overworked track coach. 

Jennifer Campbell and Alicia Cuoco have both found fame and fortune on Broadway. 

Keri Bova has become the next Dr. Ruth with Chris Allen as her first case. 

Mario Martinello is the King of the Mafia. 

Rocking Ron MacNeil is presently a jamming D.J. for WAAF. 

Melissa Mullen is now the proud president of AA with members of AA being Dave Gidari and Jimmy Murray. 

Joe Linehan is now a renowned artist who began his incredible career by painting the wildcat on the wall of W.H.S. Gymnasium. 

Karen Snyder has made millions of dollars after being named the top female singer of the year. 

David Hale, the channel 5 meteorologist, has predicted numerous hail storms and has helped many people prepare for their day. 

Jenn Ryan now owns her own dance studios all around the country. She teaches young children how to dance "The Pee Wee Herman." 

Kevin Yetman has fulfilled his life long dream of entering space by becoming a famous astronaut and being the first man to walk on Mars. 

Terry Murray is currently employed as the number one bodyguard for Sylvester Stallone and his lovely wife Beth Sheehan. 

Greg Breen is now touring the country showing off his musical talents while Christine Flaherty is following closely as a devoted groupie. 

Meanwhile Jeff Murphy has traveled the world playing drums, keyboard, and the guitar with numerous famous musicians like David Lee 

Roth and Van Halen. 

Danny Cadigan has also found stardom as the stardom as the star dancer on Solid Gold. 

Cathy Nistico is still getting up to make the donuts. 

Amy Caruso and Kelli Pazyra are working with the Red Cross and donating blood to all of those in need. 

Working right at our old high school as the present advisors to the science club, Lisa LaRacque, Heather Neil and Coral Stratos will be 

found holding the annual bake sale and car wash this Saturday in front of the High School. 

The lives of many of our classmates have been devoted to the world of fashion. 

Kim Bentley is the proud inventor of "You Will Not Move" hairspray. 

While Tammy Russo is the current owner of a small boutique where you can buy clothes to match your eyeshadow. 

Heather Cram, keeping up with the latest fashions, has colored her hair purple. 

Unfortunately due to the use of too much hairspray and gel Barbara Shdeed has enrolled herself in a Hair Loss Clinic. 

And not to anyone's surprise Annette Tolini has become a top fashion model — I guess wearing those mini skirts paid off. 

Fashion is not the only interest many have ventured in. Because of the large amount of athletic talent, many have found success in sports. 

Little Mile Connell has put on a few pounds to become a famous Sumo wrestler. 

Timmy Moran, Jimmy Murray, and Dennis Topping have formed their own undefeated, Stanely Cup winning hockey team. 

Amy Hamilton and Amy Levina have both been awarded gold medals in the 1996 Olympics. 

Michelle Scott and Kelli Pazyra have discovered the sport of professional cheerleading. 

Joe Magliozzi has been named "Outstanding Coach" of a gold medal winning Olympic team. 

After college, Mike Lombard went on to be a professional basketball player and has already been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. 

And finally with Allen Tate as his coach Donald Sullivan is currently the lightweight champion of the World Wrestling Federation and 

soon will be wrestling against Hulk Hogan himself. 


■ ■ 

Many strange things have also happened to members of our class. Chris Ciampa is presently holding the Guinness Book of World 

Records' title for the longest lingering cologne. While Cindy Elliott is holding the title for the quickest babbler. 

Desiree Rowland's laugh is now being used for sound effects in war movies. 

Kevin Cripanuk is still hobbling around on crutches. 

Timmy Fay has dived off the ocean line cruiser and is now lost at sea. 

Trying to fight the battle of the bulge, Ann Law and Paul Maiella are presently attending a fat farm. 

Lorrie Berger, Stephanie Rosa, and Susan Claire have all graduated from college with degrees in public speaking. 

Kristen Sencabaugh is still complaining about everything. 

Liz Morris is still attending high school proms. And Ernie Boudreau is still wearing his famous T-shirts. 

The Hill brothers still can't be distinguished from one another even with short hair cuts. 

Once a fan always a fan — Joanne DeLuca still attends every Bruins home game. 

Due to excessive laughter Cindy Elliott's eyes were frozen shut, but after a major break through in science, Ernie Botte, the mad 

scientist, has cured Cindy's eyes. 

Laurie Rowe disappeared after visiting Spain in her senior year until this evening when she arrived with her Latin Lover. 

Lynn Newhouse is currently serving time for the brutal massacre of the entire Brady Bunch clan. 

Dan McConoloque has also spent time in jail for his wreckless driving. 

Christine Smith and Donna Ribeiro have attempted unsuccessfully to home perm Angela Lin's very, very long and straight hair. 

Congratulations to Todd Huebner and Susan McNeil for having actually been at work for one entire day. 

Following Daryl Whittemore's advice, Melissa Jamerson will finally settle down with the guy of her dreams. 

And Lauren Scalesse is still as gullible as the year we graduated. 

Tonight we were going to have Joe McMenimen host the reunion but fortunately he has been suffering from laryngitis and a migraine 


Love and happiness have also been found by many of our classmates. David Camell and David Hale have married Greek twins and now 

own the Wilmington House of Pizza. 

Janice Craig, as expected, has married her long beloved boyfriend Steve Williams and lives happily in a little while house with a white 

picket fence. 

Danny Woods and Deanna Erwin are celebrating their 10th anniversary and the birth of their 2nd set of triplets. 

Carolyn Jones has married a blind date, while Sean Keogan went stag to his own wedding. 

Cathy Richardson and Craig Bosworth have married and are living happily. 

Julie Galvin is still hopelessly in love with Mike Michaud and living in Hawaii. 

Carrieann Hunt and Missy Lyons designed the flower arrangements for the wedding of Pat Nally and Tracy Naimo. 

And poor Susan Killilea is suffering from the Stiff Neck Syndrome from stretching to kiss her honey Mike Lombard. 

On the night of Tiffany Outridge and Ronnie's elopement, Tiffany supposedly slept over Kelli Pazyra's house. 

And we would like to extend our congratulations to Susan McFadyen for marrying into Jonathan Oliver's harem of 24 wives. 

Unfortunately we hear Laura D'Ambrosio and Danny Cadigan are seeking marriage counseling from Daryl Whittemore. 

While Lisa Raso is receiving psychiatric help because of her many male related problems. 

Before we all leave I would like to update you on the current news of Wilmington High School. 

Mr. Fleming is still interrupting class to implore the students to follow the strict policies of the student handbook. 

Mr. Kelley is still roaming the halls trying to convince students that they could be track stars like Susan McFadyen, Winnie Corsaro, 

Kevin Cripanuk, John Carter, David Paterson, and Paul Maiella. 

There is also some good news and some bad news. 

The Wilmington High School Varsity Football team has lost its 150th consecutive game. While the Field Hockey team is still MVC 


But all in all W.H.S. has not changed too much except for the fact that it misses the Class of "88" very much! 

For all those classmates that we could not locate we would like to wish them the best of luck and hope they have accomplished 

everything they have strived to do. Goodnight, I hope to see you all in 10 years. 




MAY 5, 1988 

"Good Morning Wilmington" 

Hanz and Franz — 
"Pumping Iron" 

Mr. Rick Cain 

Mike Lombard, Pete 
Torell, David Hale 

"Cain College" 

Jonathan Oliver, Cathy 
Nistico, Sean Keogan, Peter 
Torell, David Hale, Mike 
Lombard, Anthony Desantis, 
Alicia Cuoco 

"Wilmington Rap" 

"Argument Clinic' ' 

Commercial — "Palmolive' 

"Okay — Fine" 

Chris Allan, Dan 
Cadigan, Sean Keogan 

Jeff Murphy, Joe Linehan 

Alicia Cuoco, Michelle Scott 

Jonathan Oliver, Anthony 

'Vibra-Phone Solo" 


'Dating Game" 

Jeff Murphy 

Chris Allan, Anne Law, 
Alicia Cuoco, Michelle 
Scott, Susan Killilea 

Robin AUaby, Dan 
McConologue, Annette 
Tolini, Lisa Raso, Anne 
Law, Laura Dambrosio 

"Church Chat" 

"Pat Stevens" 

Commercial — "Housework" 

Joe Linehan, David Camell 

Jonathan Oliver, 
Anthony DeSantis 

Alicia Cuoco 

Commercial — 

"Adventure Illustrated" 

"Ed Grimley" 
Johnathan Oliver, 

Alicia Cuoco, Desiree 
Roland, Jeff Murphy, 
Michelle Scott, Kelli Pazyra 

Susan Killilea 

"Wilmington House of Pizza' 

David Camell, Dave Hale, 
Annette Tolini, Mike 
Lombard, Anthony DeSantis, 
Peter Torell, Chris Allan, 
Anne Law 


Jen Ryan, Lauren Scalesse 

t $ J 1 1 Various appearances by Siskel & Ebert 1 1 | $ t 


Siskel — Sean Keogan 
Ebert — David Hale 


Stage Director: 
Suzanne Curtin 

Stage Lighting: 
Ernie Botte 


Dan McConologue 


Doug Poland 

Stage Crew: 

Ernie Botte 


Suzanne Curtin 

. '88 

Doug Poland 


'Number 10, 15 minutes, my friend. 

". . . Silly WAN, T-O-O-O, WAN, T-O-O- 
WAN, T-O-O . . ." 

SENIOR PROM — MAY 20,-1988 


^^^^ M MF ^^^^H 

S#3k ttfl 

^M| **r **\ 

■ " v -'~ ^M 

m. v ' 1 

^^ — ■-"' ■ 


f * 







■ . 











Prom Queen Sue Killilea. 

Below: Roses presented by Mr. Paul Fleming, Principal, W.H.S 

Sue Killilea and Mike Lombard. 

Below: The Court. Front: Marissa Cenca, Sue Killilea, Cathy Nistico. Back: Janice Craig, 

Laurie Rowe, Julie Gavin. 


In 1976, the Class of "88" embarked on a journey lasting 12 years, a journey that comes to a conclusion today. You'll recall that during 1976 our 

country celebrated a year of pride. 
Pride In our way of life 

In our form of government 

In our first 200 years as a nation. 

As we gather today, we are surrounded by those who are deeply proud of our accomplishments. Proud of our performance and our desire for success 
during the past 12 years that culminate today. 

The purose of public education is to provide a learning foundation from which we will continue to grow. 
Education is More than teachers 

More than classes 

More than textbooks. 

Learning is a process that never ends. Every day we observe, analyze, and store the wealth of information that surrounds us. The resourceful use of what 

we have learned is equally important as the material studied. 
What good is learning . . . Spanish 


or Physics 

If we don't possess the knowledge to apply these to real-life situations. Formal education does this, but that is only a beginning. 

As the Class of 88 graduates today, we await the next step of our educational process. 

Whether it be . . . Going on to college or training school 
Enlisting in the military 
Or entering the workforce 

We each have somewhere to go and something to learn. 

The advantage doesn't lie in what your S.A.T. scores were or where you held your rank in class, but what you are willing to learn, and how much, pride 
you take in your future. 

As I was reading yesterday's Lowell Sun, an article told of a Lowell woman, who through personal difficulty, the great depression, and in most recent 
months a severe heart attack, still persevered and, at age 78, beaming with pride, accepted her hard earned and long awaited dream . . . her high school 

May the Class of 1988 leave Wilmington High with that same feeling of Pride and accomplishment. 





i -, «'.. « 






it ■ 


■ -W. 

,'r> I 


■ f 



* _ 



-- I 


IBR**35 . 

mwm s 




1 1 1 . 

I "> - I 

I ■ 



■ ; 



«a§§ mwm 

Troy Adams, leave Stephen Cassidy twenty of my credits to graduate in 

Michael T. Banfield, leave my outstanding and highly recognized 
perfect attendance record to John Gantz. 
Charles Barber, leave hopefully with a diploma. 
Gary Blonigen, leave my accident record and the P. to Mark P. 
Craig Bosworth, leave the stupid high school rules to all future classes to 
attend Wilmington High. 

Ernie Botte, leave all my turdenecks and half of a peace sign to Ms. 

Ernie Boudreau, leave the WHS teachers with the ulcers and migraines 
that I gave them. 

Greg Breen, leave my brother Matt four years to accomplish what I 
didn't. Good Luck kid! 

Kristen Caizzi, leave my feelings for Daryl Thomas to any fool who 
wants them!!! 

Kris Carlson, leave Brian Morin my Grand Prix and its problems. 
John Carter, leave my "2" to Brian Gillespe. 

Marisa Cenca, leave my tardiness to someone who is always on time. 
Susan Claire, leave my deformed ceramic pieces to anyone that's willing 
to take them home. 

Lisa Costabile, leave Mrs. Masse a big hunk of silivered on gum that I 
have been chewing for a week. 

Janice Craig, leave Lori Sellars everything. Good Luck! 
Michelle Cullen, leave all of my good excuses to any underclassman who 
needs them. 

Alicia Cuoco, leave Briola's companionship to school to Jennifer Cuoco. 
Michelle Currier, leave my accounting knowledge to my sister Andrea. 
Paul DeFronzo, leave a rotten smelling cast for anyone who wants to use 
it to blow off track practice. 

Bill Eliason, leave WHS to anyone who wants it and the teachers too. 
Robert J. Gantz, leave Jess Falzone my new car! 
Julie Gavin, leave my sister Dawn to Mr. Breakey. 
Dwayne Hill, leave my hair to the jocks of the class of '89. 
Dwight Hill, leave Wilmington High School not sure who I really am, 
Dwight? or is it Dwayne? 

Glenn Hooper, leave Tom Feeney my down stairs key. 
Timothy Kumm, leave the Wilmington High School with a sigh of 

Lisa LaRocque, leave my carrot to Mark Ware. 
Michael Lombard, leave my size 15 sneakers to some unfortunate 

homeless family. 
I, Ron MacNeill, leave my walkman to Mr. Woods so he can enjoy the 

school better. 
I, Butch McGovern, leave my intelligence to Bob Sheehan because he is 

I, Brian Morin, leave my Z28 payments to Kris Carlson. 
We, Liz Morris and Donna Ribeiro, leave Margie Rega our gym class all 

to herself. 
We, Jim Murray and Melissa Mullen, leave Mrs. Lee to nobody because 

we wouldn't put this kind of a burden on anyone. 
I, James Murray, leave Mrs. Lee the title "Tiger Chung Lee". 
I, Heather Neill, leave a life supply of pencils to peppermint. 
I, Cheryl Oates, leave my knowledge of Italian to Marybeth Lawson. 
I, Kristie Phillips, leave one free trip to Doc's pet land for a flea bath for 

Meg's furry facial friend. 
I, Kristin Pittaro, leave Mr. Woods, with relief, to a poor Freshman. 
I, Jennifer Proctor, leave my Wilmington jacket to Miss Thibault. 
I, Brenda Ramsdell, leave skipping school to Angie Wilhelm. 
I, Lisa Raso, leave my mother to drive Margie Rega to school. 
I, Rana Rice, leave the Burlington Mall to anyone who wants it. 
I, Colleen Rooney, leave my whole senior year in detention to my sister 

I, Cindi Salamone, leave all the teachers of WHS their sanity. 
I, Craig Salvaggio, leave one 1970 Pontiac GTO to Joseph Vierra. P.S. 

Huh Right! 
I, Kristen Sencabaugh, leave all my future accidents to John Gottlander. 
I, Dan Shelley, leave Mr. Kelley new word problems, and Mrs. Michaud 

head of the Guidance Dept. 
I, Wendy Shelley, leave Julie my messy room. 

I, Michelle Scott, leave the guard rail incident to the basketball team. 
I, Christine Smith, leave driving Cindy and Gregg to school to anyone 

who doesn't mind missing homeroom all year. 
I, Veronica Smith, leave Wilmington High forever. 
I, Donald Sullivan, leave #44, my grades and anything else that can help 

him to Scott Halliday, and my alarm clock to Leigh, and my guitar to 

I, Karen Thompson, leave Angie Wilhelm to be the last Jamaican Bongo 

in Wilmington High School. 
I, Kevin Yetman, leave my car to anyone stupid enough to want it. 
I, Kim Zambernardi, leave my black and white trousers to Jill Martin. 
I, Tracy Enos, leave Shawn's sister Ann Ellen to anyone that wants her! 















• I ■ W, ' 



Mrs. Margaret Shelley Abbott 

Laurie and Mark Buckland 

Edward T. Carrasco 

Jean Carrasco 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Davis 

Marilynn Ellsworth Lynch 

Gertrude McCarron 

M. Dorothy Shelley 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Shelley 

Best wishes, Coral, from Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ropple 

Stand by me, Coral 

You made it! — Sue Ropple 

Holy Magna cum Laude!! — Batman & Robin (Boy Wonder) 

Herzlichen Gluechwunsch, Coral! — Joe, Uschi & Pat 

Congratulations Coral! — Skip 

Best Wishes and Good luck, Coral — Gram 

Good luck for the future, Coral. — Aunty Anne 

Carol, Coralle, Carvelle, Coral, right! — Love, Mom & Dad 

Good luck next year. Pete "88" 

Coral, Good luck always. — Grandma 

My love goes with you — Love Pop 



r \ 














Good Luck Class 
of '88 

MUSIC ,'■$:■*■■- Slens 











\ J (J EKT£>&~ ]T 

§ ;f lotoertf 



1 / « vr-y/ \ 






Good Luck Class of '88 

Wilmington Music Center 

Instruments - Lessons - Accessories 

281 Main Street 

Wilmington, MA 01887 

Telephone: (617) 658-3533 

■ ■ 










3 2136 00216 4105 


\/\A \ ,XxN 

N. . \ 

^^f^ r 

' /